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How to create .edu email for free?

You have just been admitted to a university? You will get a unique email address that looks different from the emails provided by Gmail and Hotmail. What are those emails? Such emails provided by educational institutions to students and staff containing .edu extensions are known as edu emails. Such emails help you receive internal notices from the university administration and access the resources provided by the institutions to their students. You can access many student discounts and benefits using such emails. Access to student discounts on Amazon Prime and Spotify Premium while purchasing products etc. is enabled by education emails. But what if your institution or university doesn’t provide you with an educational email? What if you’re not a student but want to receive educational emails? This article is for you if you want to listen to education email easily in a few steps.

When you join a university, they provide you with your university’s education email. Most US based universities provide educational emails. If you are not a student but want an educational email, this article is for you. You will learn methods to get free educational email and access many benefits like iTunes discount, Spotify discount, Amazon discount, etc. for free. Today we will learn with fully functional and tested private methods to create Edu email for free.

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You get .edu email for free when you are admitted to educational institutions like colleges and universities. Such emails are in the format “”, which is why they are called .edu emails. But “how to get that educational email for free if we are not in college or university or our educational institution does not provide it? Today we will answer this question and learn how to create an .edu email for free.

note: this method is for educational purposes only. you are responsible for every task you perform!

Editor’s Note: This article on creating free educational email was updated on November 14, 2022, with the addition of information and relevant methods.

What is edu email address?

Edu email is an email address, like any other. It is similar to the email address provided by providers like Gmail, Hotmail, etc. You cannot change your educational email once it is created. Edu emails are the email address provided by educational institutions like schools, universities, colleges, etc. to the students. Such email address allows students to receive important notices and emails from deans, university administrations, teachers, etc. regarding the activities of educational institutions and you can also use the resources provided by the university to its students. An example of such an email address is

Educational institutions such as universities and colleges also provide educational email to their staff, such as teachers. Staff can use education emails to access benefits provided to educators, product discounts, etc.

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Why create a .edu email?

The educational extension email is one of the main extension to which many companies provide free and offer services. These emails are provided only by colleges and universities or educational institutions to their students. Such emails act as a means of providing information to students by the university administration and also as credentials to access internal university applications and resources.

But on top of that, you can get many other benefits on the Internet. if you have email edu. Companies offer discounts and special offers for students that can be easily accessed if you have education emails. Let’s discuss some offers and services provided to .edu emails. Here is a list of benefits and services that can be accessed with educational emails.

  • A Bitnami one-year subscription plan that costs around $588 per year is provided on a free basis. free to students.
  • A $15 Amazon AWS coupon is provided for students with educational emails.
  • You get access to Crowdflower for free with educational email.
  • Sendgrid offers 15000 free emails per month for students that can be accessed using edu email address.
  • Free domain registration on Namecheap and SSL for 1 year.
  • Special discounts at BestBuy for students.
  • Canva premium is free for one year.
  • Figma student plan that provides all premium access free for students.
  • The 2-year DNSSimple plan ($120 value) is available for free if you are a student .
  • $25 worth of HackHands credit is free for students.
  • Free Orchestrate developer pack while you’re a student that includes various APIs and services.
  • About $100 discount on Apple and more on Microsoft can be accessed with edu email.
  • Ultimate 6 month pass subscription for free.
  • Coupons ocean digitals are provided with edu email for free ($50 value).
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Top Offers for Educational Emails

Can we get Amazon Prime for 6 months with any educational email?

Amazon has a program Strict verification and accepts mostly US based education emails to provide free 6-month core plan for students.

What to do if none of the methods work for you to create email education mail?

If our method does not work for you, then you can contact us and provide details about which method does not work. Our article might have provided you with an idea of ​​how you can create an educational email for free so that you can explore on your own as well.


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