How to create an app on my facebook page

Facebook App Builder

With Appy Pie’s Facebook App Builder, you can now turn your Facebook page into an app and efficiently manage all page activities. From messages to page information, you can get access to view and modify anything on your FB page.

Our Facebook App Builder is an effective tool for entrepreneurs that helps them promote their business from efficiently through your FB Page App. Business owners can widely use our app builder to turn their business FB page into an app and use it to attract new customers for their products and services. Also, once you convert your Facebook page into an app, you can earn good income through it as well. . To acquire these benefits, you need to widely promote your self-generated app through multiple app stores like Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Blackberry App World, etc.

Facebook App Builder Benefits of Appy Pie :

  • Turn your Facebook page into an app in minutes with Appy Pie’s Facebook app builder
  • Publish to app stores like Google Play and iTunes
  • Real-time app reviews/updates
  • Send push notifications
  • Monetize your app easily
  • Enjoy the benefits of Appy Pie app promotional plans and subsequent increase in ranking and user reach.

You must have Appy Pie features for your Facebook page app

When you are converting your Facebook business page to an app, you need to make sure to add the s right features for it. With the desired features, your new app will not only perform better, but your app users will also have a great experience using it. The better the app experience, the better your chances of becoming a paying customer. Here is a list of features that you should add to your Facebook Business app.

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The Facebook feature in Appy Pie allows you to add your Facebook profile or your company’s Facebook page to the app. Essentially, everything on your Facebook page or profile is extracted and turned into a functional mobile app without any coding.


Once Once you’ve converted your Facebook Page or Profile to an app, you need to include the Messenger feature so you can chat directly with your app users. In this way, you can easily respond to any query or meet the demands of your customers.


The Photo feature in your Facebook application will allow you to and users of your app add and share photos. As an app owner, you can get your photos from Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. and users can upload photos from their device’s gallery.


The video feature allows you to add videos from channels like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo etc Furthermore, the feature also allows you to add live streaming, custom videos, and 360o videos. Adding videos to your app can make it much more attractive to users of your app.


The Audio feature in your app allows you to add audio files from SoundCloud, Hearthis, Media RSS and Radio Stream plus add custom audios. You can give talks, add music or any other audio file that helps you connect with your app users in an engaging way.

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Push Notifications

One of the most effective features you can add to your app is push notifications. This feature allows you to send important communications, offers or deals and updates about your business to all your app users with just one tap and keep them coming back to your app.

Application Analytics

The App Analytics feature is very important if you want to know what users are saying about your app. This feature gives you valuable insight into what you can do to make your app better and more attractive to target app users and improve their experience with your business.


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