How to Start a YouTube Channel in 2020

A YouTube channel It’s a great way to share your knowledge and creativity with the world and it also has the potential to earn you a pretty decent income. However, starting a channel from scratch can be scary and overwhelming, and attracting and growing an audience can seem more difficult than it seems.

But, with YouTube as the second largest search engine on the internet after Google with over a billion unique visitors each month, there’s no better time than the present to start your channel and share your message! In this article, I will guide you step by step through the entire process of creating your YouTube channel from scratch to make the process easy and simple. I’ll explain how to decide what your channel should be about, what to call it, and some tips on starting your channel. Most importantly, we’re going to talk about how to start getting VIEWS, even if your channel is new and doesn’t have any subscribers yet! So, let’s get started and discuss the seven steps you need to take to start a YouTube channel in 2020.

1. Decide what your channel is about.

To start your channel, the first thing you need to do is decide what your channel is about. You may already know exactly what you want to talk about on your channel, or you may be feeling a bit conflicted because you have several different ideas. If that’s the position you find yourself in, here are three main things you’ll want to keep in mind:

  1. Pick a topic to focus on. . If you’re new to creating videos, it’s no problem if you want to start making videos about anything you fancy to get your feet wet and get your channel off the ground. Don’t feel like you have to limit him early on, but your channel probably won’t start to grow until you pick a main topic to focus on.
  2. Don’t make him stress too much about it. It’s okay if you choose a topic and then change your mind. That’s because, when you first start your channel, no one will see your videos from the beginning. (Call it tough love… but it’s the truth). At first, you’ll just be learning how to make videos, and after you start talking about a topic, you might find that it’s not what you want to pursue long-term. . Maybe you don’t have much to say about it, or there’s just something else you’d rather talk about. So don’t feel too much pressure when choosing a topic, just pick something that interests you and stick with it so you can get your channel off the ground.
  3. Different things are more popular this year than in the past. If you want your channel to be as successful as possible, you’ll need to choose something that other people are interested in as well. Now, of course, you don’t have to do this: you can choose to talk about whatever you’d like to… But, the current popularity of a topic is something to keep in mind, especially if you’re trying to decide between a few different ideas that you might like. interest.

Bonus: to find out what’s popular right now, you can use a free tool called Google Trends to search for different topics you’re planning to talk about on your channel to see if they’re gaining or declining in popularity. You don’t have to choose something that is super popular, but you do want to choose something that is becoming more popular, not disappearing.

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2. Brainstorm videos.

Once you’ve decided what your channel will be about, you can move on to step two and brainstorm videos. This is something I always recommend people do before starting a channel for two main reasons:

  1. It will make starting your channel easier because you should have video ideas in order to start making videos.
  2. It can really shed some light on whether or not you picked the right topic for your channel.

Specifically, I recommend that you generate 100 ideas for videos. Now, I know that may sound like a lot, but hear me out: if you can’t think of a hundred video ideas on that topic you’re considering starting your channel on, then that may be a sign that you might need to pick a different topic, something about whatever else you have to say. Coming up with these 100 video ideas will give you a lot of confidence that you won’t run out of things to say and will also help you find the best video ideas because you’ll be choosing from What a long list!

3. Research video ideas.

The third step in the process of starting your channel is research! You should look up these video ideas that you are considering doing on your new channel and find out which ones will interest other people the most. This will take you a step beyond just using Google Trends. You’re going to do two different types of research to find out if these specific video ideas will be popular: keyword research and competitor research.

  1. Keyword ResearchKeyword research is about finding out how many people are searching for a certain keyword each month. Trying to find out how many hundreds or thousands of people are searching for certain words that are related to your video idea. KEYWORD Definition: ideas or themes that define what your content is about. For example, if you were thinking of making a video on how I edit my YouTube videos, you could search for the keywords “video editing tutorial” to find out how many thousands of people are searching for that on Google or YouTube each month. I can then compare that number to other videos I’m considering shooting to find out what the most popular idea is. There are many different free tools you can use to do this type of research, including the Google AdWord Keyword Planner Keywords Everywhere tool.
  2. Competitor Research

This technique involves looking at the videos that you and your competitors are making to see which ones are working well and how . Well, your ideas have been realized on your channel. To do this, you will need to :

  • Identify your competitors. All it means is that you need to find other channels that are similar to the channel you want to create and are making videos similar to the videos you want to make. Once you’ve identified these competitors, you can take a look at the videos on your channel and then sort them by “most popular” to see which videos have done really well. This will give you ideas for videos you might want to do on your channel…
  • Search for your video ideas.Search for your video on YouTube and see how many views that video has gotten when other people have done it. The more views they get, the better they perform.
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4. Give your YouTube channel a name.

For this step, you could use your own name or you could use a different name related to the topic on which the channel will focus. As you try to make this decision, I recommend that you think about what the channel is really about. You might automatically think that your channel is about your topic, but there are plenty of channels that are actually personality driven that are really about the creator that is making the videos and that creator’s opinion on that topic. *Think if your channel is about the topic and you are just the person presenting the information, or if the channel is really about you and your interest in this topic. If the channel is really about you, you’ll probably want to use your own name, and if the channel is really about the topic, you’ll probably want to choose a name that’s related to the topic. Now, it’s not a hard and fast rule: if you really want to use your own name, of course you can. Or if you’re not comfortable with that for some reason, you can use any other name you like. Lastly, make sure the type of name you choose fits the style your videos will have. For example, if you want your videos to be really polished, professional and corporate, then you don’t want to choose a name silly or random that doesn’t have the same feeling. But on the other hand, if your videos are more casual, chill, or fun, then you don’t want to choose a name for your channel that has a more corporate feel or sounds too official.

5. Create your YouTube channel.

The reason you needed to name your channel first is that YouTube will ask you what you want to name it. Creating the channel is really quite simple, and I have a video on exactly how to do it which you can watch here. If you already have an account, you can click the “upload video” button and if you don’t have a channel yet, YouTube will ask you to create the channel so you can upload your first video.

6. Make your first YouTube videos.

Obviously, this is going to be the bulk of the work you’ll do for your YouTube channel. So if you don’t get it right from the start, don’t worry.Most everyone’s videos are pretty terrible at first, so if yours is even half decent, then you’re doing better than average! For the first year and a half of having my own YouTube channel, I was shooting all my videos with my camera on auto because I didn’t really know how to use my camera, but it worked. People are much more interested in the content of the videos than the technical quality.

Now when I say that, I don’t mean that people only care about the information. They need to be somewhat entertained or have some other reason to stick around. They need to wonder what’s going to happen because if they get bored, they won’t keep watching your videos. Instead, they’ll click on one of those suggested videos and you’ll lose them, which means YouTube won’t promote your videos and you won’t get many views. So when you start making videos, just keep that in mind. Your quality will improve, but make sure your videos are not boring! Add as much as you can to keep them interesting. If you want to learn more about creating videos for YouTube, click here where I’ll walk you through everything you need to know, including what equipment to use, how to set it up, and how to shoot that first video.

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7. Get views on your videos.

Getting views on your videos is the key to success on YouTube, so your last step is to promote, promote, promote. There are two main ways to accomplish this:

  1. Promote your video on social media.The most common thing people do is promote their videos on social networks like Facebook or Instagram. However, there are two potential problems:
    • Most social media platforms want their users to stay on their platform, so if you share a link to your YouTube video on the platform, that link or post is probably not going to perform very well, which means not many people will see it, not many people will click on it, and it’s not really going to gain many views.
    • The other potential problem is that if you don’t have a large following on any of your social media platforms, you won’t really have much of an impact on your YouTube channel. Now, that’s not to say you shouldn’t take that opportunity to get views, especially when you’re just starting out. Every view counts, so you should tell everyone you can about your channel.
  2. Promote your video on YouTube.Now, I am not talking about paid advertising. Paid advertising on YouTube doesn’t usually work very well for growing a channel and is expensive if you want to get hundreds or thousands of views. Instead, this means making good quality videos that are interesting and that people like to watch, so that when they see it, they keep watching it. The YouTube algorithm will perceive that people like them and will promote them for you, which is the ultimate goal to grow. your audience.

Because getting views on YouTube is such an important part of the process, I put together a FREE one-hour workshop that will give you a LOT more information about this part of the process. It’s called How to Get Views on YouTube With Zero Subscribers and I know you’ll find it very useful as you get your channel off the ground.

So there you have it. ! Now you know exactly what to do to start your YouTube channel from scratch. You’ve decided what your channel will be about, what to name it, and some helpful tips on how to get your channel up and running. Lastly, you learned how to get more views, even if you’re just starting out. And remember, it’s never too late to start a YouTube channel, and 2020 is a great time to start! Here’s to your success!

I love hearing from you! Have you already created a YouTube channel? What do you want your channel to be about? Let me know in the comments below!

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