How To Create A Private Blog

In this article I will teach you how to create a private blog

a private blog is a blog where all the content is not available online, the articles and pages are not indexed by the search engine and this means that the contents cannot be found through searches on Google, Yahoo or other search engines

a private blog is often considered a personal journal due to its private and personal nature

The private blog is a type of blog used by those bloggers who do not want to share their content with the web or who want to have a place on the private web accessible only to a small group of readers

in some In some cases, the private blog is also used to create private online spaces accessible only by username and password, dedicated to certain segments of readers, where exclusive content can be inserted divided by categories and by public

The main reasons for having a private blog are:

  • have private content that you don’t want to be in the public domain n
  • have an area dedicated to individual clients
  • have a space to create exclusive content
  • have a space to host premium content

How to create a private blog with

WordPress is the CMS (system of content management) for the most functional and popular blogging in the world

creating a private blog with WordPress is really simple, in fact, the service allows you to set up your blog completely privately

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o allows you to choose what content to make private

this feature is free and included in the basic WordPress package

this is the procedure to create a private blog with WordPress:

  • linked to your account
  • go to general settings / typing
  • select the “private site” option in the site visibility section
  • Save your changes

the process is really simple and fast, after saving the changes you can start writing your private blog

Note: people will only be able to find your r site if we have the full url of your blog

if you only want one article from your private blog, there is another option available in WordPress that allows you to select the content to make private

this allows you to make your blog public but hide certain parts

to make articles private you have to go to article editor and choose article visibility before publishing

select private and not public mode

from this In this way, published posts will be visible only to users who have the credentials to access your account

How to create a private blog with blogger

Blogger is a blogging service managed by Google that allows the creation of private blogs

Here are the steps to create a private blog with Blogger:

  • Login to your blogger account
  • click settings
  • identify the “privacy” option
  • turn privacy off

this operation allows search engines not to show the blog.

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if instead you intend to select the public and give access to your content only to people who have the credentials of your blog

then you need to go to “permissions” and set reader access to “private for author”

this option will limit access to your blog only to readers who have the keys Login

Save your changes and you’re ready to create content for your private blog

How to Create a Private Blog with Tumblr

Tumblr is the microblogging platform that it is used to create blogs and publish text or multimedia content

Tumblr allows you to create a private blog from the second blog created on the platform

that is, the first blog must necessarily be public my you enter that from the second everyone can be private

The procedure to make the blog private with Tumblr is:

  • Login to your account
  • click settings in the menu
  • select the name of your secondary blog
  • in the “Settings enable” section select “this blog is password protected”
  • >

  • enter password to protect blog
  • save changes

Tools to create a private blog

my private site

My Private Site is a WordPress plugin that allows a website administrator to allow only readers with login credentials to view a blog.

my private site was developed by David Gewirtz

and is rated 4.5 / 5

Password protected

Password protected is a WordPress plugin to password protect your website and content on your site

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password protected was developed by WPExperts

has a rating of 4.6 / 5

Private Content

Private Content is a WordPress plugin that gives you the functionality to show a small part of your article only to certain users (administrator, authors and editors)

private The content was developed by Aldo Latino

and has a rating of 5/5


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