How to create a password for an app on android

On the Quora question and answer website, a user once asked: How can I lock my apps on an Android phone without locking the screen on an Android phone?

There are about 9 million apps available for mobile phone users in different app stores. Each of these applications has a different purpose from the other or has similar purposes. Some of them are pre-installed along with the phone’s operating system. For example, Android phones will come with apps from the Google Play Store.

lock apps on Android

Blocking that app may be unavoidable if you are not interested in using an app or note spending too much time in an app, blocking that app may be unavoidable. There are several Android app locks you can choose from. In this article, we will consider how to block applications on different Android phones.

Part 1. How to block applications on Android in settings

In this section, we will consider the default methods provided in the application Android settings to block individual Android phones. Most Android devices have a Settings app feature that allows users to keep their phone pinned to an app. Throughout this section, we will consider the various steps of pinning Android apps.

1How to lock apps on Samsung phones

The Samsung Settings app differs from other versions of Android. Below are the methods to block apps on your Samsung device.

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You can use the Samsung Settings app to block an app by following the steps below.

Secure Folder

Samsung as an alternative method to block applications. It comes pre-installed on all Samsung devices. If you can’t find it on your Samsung and you have Android version 7 or higher, you can get it from the Google Play Store. Here’s how to use it.

2How to Lock Apps on Motorola Smartphones

By following these steps, you can add an extra layer of security to your phones Motorola smartphones.

3How to Lock Apps on LG Mobile

LG Mobile Android phones also have a pinning feature in their Settings app. Here’s how to use it.

If you want to disable the feature, touch and hold the Back and Recent App buttons at the same time, then enter your unlock sequence.

4How to block apps on Google Pixel 6 and later

Google Pixel devices also allow you to enable this feature. Here’s how to use it.

You’ve now fixed the app on the screen. Whenever you need to stop it, press and hold the Back and Recent App buttons at the same time.

stop app pin Google Pixel

5How to block apps on Oneplus smartphones

Oneplus smartphone is another brand of Android that has built-in feature to pin an app.

Part 2. How to lock an app on Android with App Lock

Apart from the default method of using Settings to lock apps On Android, you can lock apps using an Android app lock. For example, you can use AppLock. It is a free application with extensive functionality. It has an intruder selfie mode. This mode captures the face of any intruder who accesses a locked application without their consent. Like most Android app PIN features, it allows for security options like pin, password, biometrics, and pattern. You can also use a fake icon to replace the app lock feature, such as a calculator, calendar or notepad.

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Part 3. You can switch to an app lock launcher</h2

Another way to lock apps on Android is to get a launcher for your phone with App Lock features. Launchers serve as the theme of mobile devices. They are the software used to control the interface activities of Android phones, such as keyboard, application list, home screen, lock screen, etc. They are relatively the most powerful feature on an Android phone. They can even lock your app for you. These features include Microsoft, POCO, Lawnchair 2, and Android launchers.

Part 4. A better way to block apps on your child’s Android device

Instead of using a launcher , you can block Android apps using another phone. It is better and more efficient because it comes with many other packages. We recommend using AirDroid Parental Control to access all of these packages.

AirDroid parental control

It is a reliable application designed mainly for parents to guide their children when using their phones or online. Part of the app’s tools is that you can limit the time your child spends on an app or website. Also, you can block the app completely. If your child tries to access a locked screen, it will notify you. You can view the app even if they get a new app with a similar function. Some other features of the app are mentioned below.

Part 5. Why You May Need to Block Android Apps

There are various reasons for blocking Android apps.Some of them are discussed below.

Final Words

You can block apps on your Android device if an app is too troublesome. You can use the Default Settings app option to pin an app. The process is similar, but each Android phone has different route labels. Users find this process too strict because mobile phone functions like receiving calls will become inaccessible. Therefore, you can use alternatives like Android launchers or third-party apps. We recommend using AirDroid parental controls. It offers complete Android app lock and phone tracking features.


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