How to сreate a logo in Gimp: step-by-step guide & video tutorials

  1. Pros and Cons
  2. Best Video Tutorials on Creating a Logo in GIMP
  3. How to Create a Beautiful Logo Effortlessly

Originally designed for the Linux operating system, Gimp is a highly customizable video editor used by millions of people around the world. Thanks to the open source code, you can adjust the program to your own needs. For example, you can add a new plugin, which allows GIMP to perform a new function. How cool is that? By writing just a few strings of code, you can expand the functionality of the program! Furthermore, Gimp is completely free and compatible with Microsoft Windows.

Although Gimp cannot be compared to iconic editors like Photoshop or Corel, it does have a rich set of tools for creating and editing images, logos, and other graphic content. . If you need a certain feature, you can easily add it to the source code, which makes Gimp even more powerful!

Pros and Cons

Like any other graphical editor, Gimp has its pros and cons.


  • Let’s start with the biggest pro! As mentioned above, GIMP is available for free. No trial periods! You can download and use this amazing software for as long as you want with no payment required.
  • Compared to Photoshop, GIMP takes up less space on your computer and takes less time to install.
  • GIMP is surprisingly easy to use. Furthermore, you can customize the program to suit your needs.
  • GIMP can automatically process images in bulk. This is a very useful feature as photographers often have to make the same changes to a large number of images at once.
  • GIMP opens, edits, and saves images in PSD, which is the format for native Photoshop file.
  • You can download GIMP to your USB flash and process files on any device, be it a computer, laptop, etc.
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  • Unfortunately, there is a flip side to any coin. As convenient and smart as it is, GIMP has its flaws. It should be noted that open source code can be both a blessing and a problem. To a novice eye, GIMP’s interface can appear confusing and misleading. It takes a lot of getting used to.
  • Some menu tools are difficult to access. For example, the rotate tool. To rotate an image 90 or 180 degrees, you need to go to Tools > Transform Tools > Rotate. In contrast, in Photoshop, you simply need to right-click on the image.
  • Another serious drawback is that GIMP opens not in one, but in multiple windows. As a result, your computer screen is filled with windows and dialog boxes. Also, you have to constantly switch between different windows, which slows down the design process. It is obvious that the developers behind GIMP should focus more on ease of use.

Best Video Tutorials on How to Create a Logo in GIMP

Designing a Logo in such a graphical editor like GIMP it will not be easy. Now don’t say we didn’t warn you! If you already have a logo concept in your head, be prepared to put a lot of effort into creating your logo and then make endless changes to it. If you’re determined to make your corporate emblem in GIMP, it’s good to have at least the basic idea of ​​how to use the program. Here are some clever video tutorials to help you get the most out of your creative endeavors. Aimed at everyday users, these video guides will be your best ally in creating the logo of your dreams.

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1. Logo Font Design Tutorial (GIMP) Without Photoshop.

In this video guide, the author shares how to create an amazing custom font for his own logo. It’s certainly worth watching!

2. GIMP Tutorial: Amazing Logo

Check out this tutorial to find out how to use graphic shapes and cutout photos in your logo.

3. How to Design a 3D Logo — GIMP Tutorial — Without Photoshop

Learn how to create a stunning 3D logo. If you want your emblem to stand out, this is what you need!

4. How to Create a Photography Logo in Gimp

This video reveals the tricks to create a professional logo for your photography business.

5. GIMP TUTORIALS: How to Create a Basic Circle Logo in Gimp 2.8

Watch the author create a striking round logo for a wolf conservation center. This emblem excels in everything, from the idea to the color scheme and the arrangement of elements.


This is a great opportunity to draw a simple dragon logo using the standard GIMP tools.

7. How to Create a Galaxy Face Logo in GIMP

With this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to turn a face photo into a logo and add galaxy vibes to it. While not a common choice among designers, this is certainly an original and memorable logo concept.

8. [How To] Create a Text and Image Logo with GIMP

Find out how to create a beautiful logo from a photo and apply the fascinating gold dust effect in the background. A must for those vying to stand out from the crowd. A great solution for hairdressers and other professionals in the beauty industry.

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9.How to Create a Triangle Logo Design in GIMP

The author shares his way of designing a triangle logo using a person’s photo. The result has exceeded our expectations! What is your opinion about it?

10. GIMP Tutorial – Logo Design Professional

A detailed video tutorial on exploring the theme of soccer in logo design. If your brand is all about soccer or sports in general, be sure to grab a pencil and take notes!

How to Create a Beautiful Logo Effortlessly

If these tutorials on video we discourage you from creating a logo in GIMP, we have an easier route for you! Why spend hours working on a logo when you can get the same result in 5 minutes? Making a logo with ZenBusiness is a walk in the park! With ZenBusiness, your scratch design skills are not a problem at all. In just a few minutes, you’ll see your very own corporate emblem! You can edit your newly created logo as much as you want. Also, we give you a great opportunity to design a complete branding package based on your logo.

Try ZenBusiness, a smart logo creation service trusted by millions!

When it comes to creating a logo for your business, you can choose any method. If you’ve opted for the GIMP graphical editor, it won’t hurt to watch a video tutorial or two first. However, if mastering GIMP is too overwhelming for a newbie like you, you should let a clever logo generator take the reins. With a logo maker like ZenBusiness, creating a professional logo takes just a few minutes. We bet you can make better use of the time saved!


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