How to create a link in email to a website

Hyperlinks are a nifty way to insert a clickable link into a piece of text without displaying the full URL. Gmail desktop helps you insert links in both text and images, we will guide you step by step. Unfortunately, the Gmail app doesn’t support hyperlinks yet.

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How To Hyperlink text in Gmail

Step 1. Open Gmail and sign in.

Step 2. Compose a new email .

Step 3. Add your text and highlight the part where you want to insert a hyperlink.

Step 4. Click Insert link icon at the bottom of the email (or the Ctrl K shortcut on your keyboard).

Step 5. Type the URL you want link and click OK.

Step 6. Check that the text you highlighted is now blue and underlined. When you hover over the link, the URL should be displayed, with an option to Change or Remove the link.

How to link an image to a hyperlink

Step 1. Open Gmail and sign in.

Step 2. Compose a new email.

Step 3. Click the Insert Photo icon at the bottom of the email (or drag and drop an image from your device).

Step 4. Click on the image you want to insert a hyperlink to.

Step 5. Click Change in the toolbar below image.

Step 6. Type the URL you want to link to and click ic on OK.

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Step 7. Go back to the image in your email and check that the correct URL appears in the text box when you click the image.When you hover over the link, the URL should be displayed, with an option to Change or Deletethe link.

The Right Inbox allows you to insert GIFs into an email, to which you can also add a hyperlink. Simply click the Add GIFbutton > at the top of the compose window and follow the same process as you would with an image.

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FAQs on how to insert a hyperlink in Gmail

How do I make a clickable link in an email?

One of our favorite tricks is to create clickable links. click on their menus e-mail axes. You can do this by using our Customize Link tool, which allows you to add a hyperlink to any email message by choosing Insert Hyperlink or by right-clicking an existing hyperlink and selecting Add Link.

It is the string: link icon near the bottom of the new message, right between the clip and the smiley face.

What is the shortcut for hyperlinks in Gmail?

You can use the shortcut Ctrl K (Windows) or Command K (Mac). That’s it!

When I insert a hyperlink, what can it link to?

The Insert Hyperlink dialog will appear and you can link to any of the following:

  • A file (such as an image or video)
  • A web page (such as
  • An email address (such as support @
  • A document (such as a PDF or Word document)
  • A place in the current document (for example, if you are typing over a phone number and then insert a link to the actual phone number).
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What is the correct HTML to create a hyperlink?


When you embed links in your email, be sure to verify the link before hitting Send.


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