How to create a contact us page in website

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “great website design”? Depending on the allocation of resources, you probably think about their home page, maybe their blog, their product pages, animated effects, usability, etc.

We bet you don’t think about a ‘Contact us ‘ of your future website.

Unfortunately, contact pages very often come at the bottom of the priority list in terms of writing and design for many designers. Can you remember how many contact pages you’ve come across that looked outdated even if the rest of the website was polished and up to date?

That’s a huge mistake that can cost a site owner a considerable amount of money. drop in conversion rates. In fact, a “Contact Us” page is one of the four most important pages on any website because it is one of the most visited pages on the site by most businesses.

Would you like to know what What should the perfect ‘Contact Us’ page look like? Let’s discuss the topic here.

What makes a great contact page?

You know, the question of the best ‘Contact Us’ The page is very subjective. We mean that what is great for you, may seem bad or even ugly to other people.

It is better to take into account not your personal tastes and preferences, but the user experience. Remember that a good “Contact Us” page should have the following elements.

It should be easily accessible from the home page. You should put the link to your “Contact Us” page in a prominent (expected) place on the website so users can easily find it.

For example, we have it included in our footer on every page unique so that visitors to our website can easily find it and easily contact our team. And that’s part of a good customer experience.

It goes without saying that your “Contact Us” page should be clean and the design should reflect your brand’s visual identity, etc.

Actually, there are many ways to give your customers the ability to get in touch with you.

But it’s very important to remember that today your customers expect more than ever from their virtual experience. There are so many other resources out there that know how to engage you. That’s why the way you communicate with users is so important. You need to constantly evolve and meet their highest expectations by being available anywhere, anytime.

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As a rule, the best contact pages perform certain functions:

  • They explain why a visitor should contact you and describe how you can help solve your visitors’ problems.
  • Include an email and phone number so visitors can quickly find the required information.
  • They include a short form using the filler that will help you understand who is contacting you.
  • They include a call to action to keep people on your website and Give them another option if they don’t want to. fill out even a simple form.
  • Exhibit the main ideas of the company. This can be done by including a list of recent blog posts or articles about the company in the press.
  • They are linked to your active corporate social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to provide customers with visitors a way to engage with your business.
  • They redirect the user to a thank you page that explains when and how you will contact them.

Companies that have Marketing strategies Advanced and thoughtful marketing apply a great approach known as opening communication channels that meet the new standards expected by customers. It is the omnichannel communication approach. With modern technologies, you can communicate with customers via chat, messaging, text, voice, Messenger, Whatsapp, Line, Viber and so on.

This is not only convenient for customers, but also can positively affect your conversion rates. This kind of variety of communication channels is priceless for any business owner. Never underestimate the value of having all communication channels available in one place. Convenience is key for customers, and a happy customer becomes a loyal one.

Digital marketers who have been developing landing pages for big clients like Societe Generale Banks, Ferrari, Bentley, and many others and have been working with contact forms for many years share the following tips that have been developed from their experience, failures, and successes.

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Experts say that creating an efficient contact form is simple and complex at the same time :

A good contact form should include 1 or 2 fields. The phone number and maybe a name. That’s it.

You also need a unique call to action. Here is a specific article on this topic.

Conversion is highly dependent on the call to action or CTA as marketers call it.Have you ever noticed that most small business websites don’t contain CTAs at all, while it can boost your conversion by motivating people to contact you and not letting them go to your competitors?

If you’re a savvy marketer, you may have experimented or experimented with different CTAs, trying to maximize the conversion of website visitors who filled out the contact form or received a call. Many businessmen find a solution to the callback option. The “Get a callback in 25 seconds” button can increase your conversion by up to 50%. You can try or any other similar service.

What is a Callmaker? It is a widget that offers a callback in 25 seconds. It really works, it converts website visitors into calls and sales. We will explain how this service works on the Callmaker example. Assuming your visitor has questions, they click the “get a call back in 25 seconds” button and fill in their phone number. Callmaker then automatically finds an available sales representative within 25 seconds and calls the customer back. The call is absolutely free for customers, no matter what country they live in.

You should take the “contact form” on your website as the backbone of lead generation. You can grow your business by opting for it.

Many companies cannot be successful today because they are not designing their contact forms correctly or not using them. If you need to decide how many form fields to include, confirm where in the marketing funnel your offer is placed:

If you’re at the top of the funnel, you can create as many customers potentials as possible. That means not many form fields are needed for creation. Then you can encourage them to an email sale.

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If you’re in the middle of the funnel, you need to explain to your visitor why your product or service is the best fit. to solve your problem. Typical content isn’t just limited to webinars, case studies, free samples, etc.

It’s at the bottom of the funnel – this is the buying stage. Here, prospective buyers know what they want, have evaluated all the options, and are ready to buy. These contact forms are longer because companies want as much qualifying information as possible to close the sale. Now, when you have developed the strategy, you need to decide which form field you should mark as required and which field should be optional.

An average online marketing website typically uses three required and two optional fields

  • Name is a required field
  • Email is a required field
  • Phone is a required field
  • City is an optional field
  • State is an optional field</li

But as you understand, the ‘city’ and ‘state’ fields would also be required for product delivery.

The fact is that there is no perfect formula for the number of form fields or how many fields should be required and optional. It all depends on you and the needs of your customers. Just always follow the strategy that will help you grow your business when choosing the fields and their number.

Are you ready to be inspired?

Here are 5 examples of some of the best ‘Contact Us’ pages out there.

Take a look at them and think about how you can incorporate some of these ideas into your own contact page design. Examples of Best ‘Contact Us’ Pages

Samples of ‘Contact Us’ Pages

Here are some of our favorite ‘Contact Us’ pages that correspond to best practices. Take a look and get inspired for your own web development.

By the way? Have you recently created an inspiring ‘Contact Us’ page? Get in touch with us and we will be happy to include you in the list.

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