How to embed a calculator on your website

Designing and embedding a calculator on your website can be as easy as copy and paste. Pick a calculator template you like, adjust the formula to your business needs, and copy and paste the embed code into your WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, or any other kind of website you might have.

Embedding a web calculator requires 3 easy steps, none of which require coding:

1. Choose a web calculator layout and customize it in the drag and drop editor 2. Use the template formula or drag and drop create your own 3. Get the code and copy and paste it into your website

How to embed a web calculator on your website

There is a growing need for marketers to code. Heck, there’s a growing need for everyone to learn to code. Your postman is probably taking an online course on starting his dropshipping business as we speak.

This need is being met by a growing list of solutions for those of us who refuse to give up the convenience of dragging and release. We’ve collected them here for you to choose from.

Share or embed these calculator templates to provide a simple tool for your website visitors and social media followers. Keep the original design or customize it to fit your brand perfectly. Everything is as easy as drag and drop.

Select and customize a web calculator layout

1. Embedded US Dollar Inflation Calculator

Most Americans do not have a savings account with an interest rate higher than the inflation rate. This US dollar inflation calculator calculates the inflation rate between two time periods, educating the general public on how to manage inflation.

Get the editable version of this embedded web calculator →

2. BMI Calculator Insert

If you run a fitness business or write a healthy lifestyle blog, this 2-minute insert will add value to your customers. Drag and drop a lead capture step before displaying the result and this quick embedded calculator converts your website visitors into leads at no additional cost.

Get the editable version of this embedded web calculator →

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3. Embedded Personal Loan Calculator

Finance is one of the most expensive industries when it comes to cost per lead. Prompting visitors to calculate their loan before reaching out is a great way to generate more leads from organic and paid traffic alike. Customize this calculator template before embedding it on your website for that custom coded look.

Get the editable version of this embedded web calculator →

4. Embedded Website ROI Calculator

Only 2% of your website visitors convert into leads. This embedded calculator helps you figure out how much additional revenue you’d get if you increased it to 10%. Find more customers for your business by showing them how much lost revenue your low converting website is costing them.

Get the editable version of this embedded web calculator →

5. Embedded Website Cost Estimation

Most customers have no idea how much it costs to build a website. Weed out visitors who don’t have the budget for your services and spend more time with those who do. Identify high-value leads on their first visit to your website with this quick integration.

Get the editable version of this integrated web calculator →

6. Ad Spend ROI Calculator Embed

Are your leads too expensive or should you increase your ad budget? Help your customers figure out where they’re going wrong with the embedded ad spend return calculator. Show how your services can get more out of your client’s budget.

Get the editable version of this embedded web calculator →

7. Embedded Email Marketing ROI Calculator

Let your customers know that you only make data-driven decisions about your email automation strategy. Collect your email marketing metrics and use that data to identify your pain points early on. This quick calculator built into your homepage will collect free leads and target them for you.

Get the editable version of this built-in web calculator →

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8. Embedded Auto Loan Calculator

Any loan where you need to calculate monthly payments can be calculated using this formula. Customize this embed to fit your business and provide enough value for your website visitors to engage and convert.

Get the editable version of this web embed calculator →

9. Embedded Mortgage Calculator

Real estate leads are fickle and expensive. You are definitely not the only person your prospects talk to. Stand out in the crowded marketplace by starting real conversations with your website visitors as they browse. With a simple drag and drop, you can adjust the look and function of this built-in calculator to make it look custom coded.

Get the editable version of this embedded web calculator →

How to drag and drop build your calculator formula

After choosing your web calculator template and customizing it to your liking, take a quick look at the formula. If you haven’t changed the template much, it’s probably still working and you’re ready to go.

If you’ve made significant changes to the calculator’s template content, it’s likely that the formula in the calculator template is not working correctly. You can easily find out by testing your formula in the draft preview.

How to embed a web calculator on your website

If your calculation in the draft preview is not correct, you can easily fix it in the drag and drop formula editor . Click “Open Formula Builder” on the bottom left to see your current formula.

How to embed a web calculator on your website

On the right, you will see all the questions in your project, which are draggable to the Formula Builder. Adjust and correct your formula here.

If you need more help, take a look at this more detailed tutorial on how to make a web calculator for your website.

How to embed your web calculator on your website

To embed your calculator on your website, you need to make your project active. When you’re done editing your project, click “Publish” in the bottom right corner.

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After publishing your project, you’ll automatically be redirected to the Share & Embed screen. You can copy your calculator’s unique embed code from here.

Once you have the embed code, it’s as easy as choosing a place where you’d like to put it. Different website builders allow you to copy your embed code differently.

Integrate a calculator in WordPress (self-hosted)

Calculator templates from work with all WordPress themes and can be customized to match perfectly. Most themes have a code or HTML content element where you can add your calculator embed code. If your theme doesn’t have a content builder, don’t worry, you can still switch from “Visual” to “Text” and copy-paste your code there.

Embed a calculator in WordPress (hosted via

Adding custom code to your website hosted on is only possible for business plans. While on this plan, you can embed your calculator code using the WordPress content builder or by switching from “Visual” to “Text” and copy-pasting your code there.

Embed a calculator in Wix

To embed your web calculator in Wix, use the Add More / “Embed a Site” feature. From there, just enter your project URL (not the Share-HTML code) and you’re done.

Embed a calculator in Squarespace

To embed your web calculator in Squarespace, Click the > icon in the URL field to add the embed code manually. Don’t forget to click Apply to save your changes.

Embed a calculator in Weebly

You can embed an engagement project in Weebly by adding an “Embed Code” element to your website and pasting your project’s embed code into there.

Embed a calculator on Google Sites

Your calculator embed can be easily copied and pasted into your HTML editor from Google Sites. Note, however, that the code on Google Sites is sandboxed within a container and doesn’t allow embeds to be resized, so it’s best to use your calculator to embed with only min-heights, fixed-heights, or slashes. scroll.

create your own calculator .

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