How to create a business logo on your phone

Logo design apps allow you to create a logo directly from your mobile device. We tested and reviewed 8 of the best logo maker apps. Here are our logo design app recommendations.

Always keep in mind that logos work best when they connect with the target audience in a positive, emotional, and memorable way. Working with an agency or hiring a designer usually guarantees good results, but that comes at a higher price. If you’re just starting a new business venture, these logo design apps are a great starting point for understanding and fine-tuning the logo aesthetic you’re looking for.

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  • What are your options for getting a logo?
    • Work with a design agency
    • Work with a freelance designer
    • Run a logo design contest
    • Use a design app Logo Designer or Logo Generator
  • What is a logo design app?
    • How do logo design apps work?
    • The advantages of logo design apps
    • What to consider before using a design app Design
  • We tested the most popular logo apps
  • Best Free Logo Design Apps
  • Best Logo Design Apps Logo Design
    1. Logo Maker : Design Maker by Md Kamal Uddin
    2. Shop Logo Maker (by: PIXO)
    3. Logo Maker (by: Bizthug Pte Ltd)
    4. Watercolor Logo Maker (by : Tap Flat Apps)
    5. ICONA (by: RoadRocks)
    6. DesignMantic – Logo Maker (by: Right Solution)
    7. LogoScopic Studio (by: RoadRocks)
    8. Logo Maker + Logo Maker (by: Jagwinder Singh)

What are your options for getting a logo? —

Let’s take a look at all your options when it comes to getting a logo, ranked from most expensive to most affordable:

Working with a design agency:

Design professionals at agencies will deliver a high-quality result, but they are very expensive and usually out of the price range for new businesses.

Cost: $$ $$

Work with a freelance designer:

You can work with a freelance designer through 99designs and browse designer portfolios to find the right model. The results depend on the aesthetics, experience and knowledge of the designer. Prices generally depend on number of edits, scope of project, and level of expertise, but will typically be in the $3-digit range.

Cost: $$—$$$

Run a Logo Design Contest:

When you run a logo contest on 99designs, multiple designers submit custom logo concepts and you select your favorite design. Logo contests start at $299, making them a reasonable option for many business owners.

Cost: $$—$$$

Use a logo design app or a logo generator:

Online logo design generators or logo design apps allow you to generate logo options based on templates. They are the easiest option to create a logo quickly, cheaply and with minimal effort. Logo design apps are often best suited if you need a logo for a small project: it could be a new concept or a business company trying out for the first time in public.

users who create designs unique in logo maker apps
Choose the best logo design app for your brand from OrangeCrush

It is important to note that the design options and the Personalization come at a price; it’s rare that you find this in a logo design generator or app. But what you might find is a simple, lovely, and perhaps temporary solution to your logo design, until business takes off.

Cost: $

What is an app? logo design? —

A logo designer app is a program that allows you to design a logo directly on your mobile phone or tablet. They are similar to web logo makers, except you don’t use them on a desktop computer but directly on your smartphone. While the first option offers a larger screen for users to review and edit their designs, logo maker apps are the most convenient solution to getting a cheap logo as quickly as possible.

Check out our desktop logo creation recommendations > >

How do logo design apps work?

  1. You choose an icon or initial template from the options provided.
  2. You customize it with your preference colors, fonts, backgrounds and other elements.
  3. Finally, you download the result as an image on your phone or send it to yourself via email: different Logo maker apps offer different download options, file format, and resolution. .

The advantages of logo design apps

Convenience on the go

First, and it goes without saying that you can use them anywhere. anytime, anywhere This may seem superfluous at first, but it makes a world of difference when you consider that the life of an entrepreneur is often changeable, from one meeting to the next.So it’s much easier to spend 10 minutes here and there creating various iterations of a logo on your phone, rather than having to sit down at your desk to do it.

Easy, user-friendly interface use

Second, logo maker apps tend to have a better user interface than most of their web counterparts. Because the mobile screen footprint is significantly smaller, apps are often very well organized, guiding you from one logo creation step to the next without overwhelming you. Plus, you can use your fingers to resize, rotate, and move things, which is more fun than using a mouse.

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Modern Designs

Finally, the style and quality of the layout you get with the apps themselves is different. This varies widely from app to app, but in general, I’ve found mobile logo maker apps that offer more modern designs than many web-based logo makers.

Good choice for brands or B2C events. ??based logos

In general, these logos seem to be a better fit for business-to-consumer brands, as the design leans towards fun, fresh, and whimsical, as opposed to options more traditional than are presented in the web counterparts. Similarly, logo maker apps also offer plenty of options for event-based temporary logos such as weddings or pop-ups.

What to consider before using a logo design app

Image Format

Be sure to check what type of file you will end up with after designing your logo with a logo design application. A JPEG file is not scalable (ie you will see the pixels when you zoom in) and has a colored/white background. PNG files also have limited scalability, but can have a transparent background, allowing you to easily place your logo on different backgrounds. Vector-based formats such as AI files are generally the preferred format for designing logos from scratch, as they are fully scalable and therefore editable to fit a variety of sizes, styles and media.

Learn more about the difference between vector and raster images.

Commercial vs. Private Use

Verify that the application or generator you are using using allows you to use your finished product commercially. Some logo maker apps, like VanillaPen: Design Studio, have a great selection of images and customization, but users can only use their final designs for private use unless they pay an expensive subscription.

Brands watermark

Be careful with the watermark. Many apps offer free logo designs or other graphic designs that come stamped with the app’s own watermark; then users pay to have the version removed.

We tried the most popular logo apps:

The fictional startup

I went ahead and tried one a Lots of highly rated logo maker iPhone apps for my fictitious startup: Wander.

Wander is a travel itinerary app. When you’re planning a vacation to a new place and have a list of things to see and do, Wander will help you organize those half-cooked ideas into a neat itinerary. Drag and drop your activities and Wander will put everything on schedule, so you don’t have to worry about logistics and just focus on having fun.

I want my app logo to be fun, colorful, and people-making. think about the holidays.

Testing Criteria

So you can focus your time on the best options, here’s a ranking of the logo apps we tested, based on these Criteria:

  • Ease of Use: measures how easy to use and fast the logo creation tool is, from Easy to Complex (90% falls on Easy or Medium categories).
  • Customization: Measures how much you can customize logo suggestions, e.g. by color, design, size, etc., from lowest to highest.
  • Cost: Measures the cost of downloading the app itself and/or downloading the logo you created, from 0 (when completely free) to three dollar signs as the most expensive option.
  • Bottom line: Measures how much I like the logo I got, within the limitations of use a logo design app: 1 star to 4 stars.
  • Best For: Since there is no universal “best” app for all your logo needs, this is it. a quick tip on what kind of business and brand each app is best suited for.

Easy to use



Final result

Ideal for


Logo Maker: Design Maker by Md Kamal Uddin





Contemporary Brands

Logo Maker Shop





Bold Modern Branding

Bizthug Pte Logo Maker





Casual Brands

Watercolor Logo Maker





Nice brands






Minimalist Design Fans






B2B/Professional Brands

LogoScopic Studio





Clipart Fans

Creator Logo Maker + Logo Maker




Not much

Best Free Logo Design Apps

Best Free Logo Design The gn apps we’ve tested are:

  1. Logo Maker Shop – Design Creator (by PIXO) – Basic templates are free , pay a subscription to unlock them all. Available for iOS only.
  2. Logo Maker – Logo Maker (by Bizthug Pte): Basic logos are free, pay $4 to unlock them all.
  3. Watercolor Logo Maker (by Tap Flat Apps) – Limited range is free, pay $10 to unlock everything. Available for iOS only.
  4. LogoScopic Studio (by RoadRocks): Limited range is free, pay $4.99 to unlock everything.
  5. Logo Maker + Logo Creator (by Jagwinder Singh): Limited range is free, pay $4 to unlock everything.
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Read on for our full review of each of these logo design apps.

Best logo design apps —

1. Logo Maker – Design Creator by Md Kamal Uddin

How it works

There is a time when you don’t know where to start when you open this app. Take a breath and work your way through each category and filter to narrow down the type of look you’re looking for. There are 2000+ logo templates and 5000+ fonts and graphics in this app’s library; however, only a small subsection of these are available to use and customize without starting a subscription.


The variety of templates this logo maker app offers is truly special. . There is a style for abstract design advocated throughout the app and the creators have kept the available graphics trendy, with lots of colorful illustrations and minimal shapes on offer.


Some templates (classified as “Basic”) are free, but most templates are marked as “Pro” and are only accessed by paying a subscription service; $2.99 ​​per week, $9.99 per month with a 3-day free trial, or $99.99 for life.

2. Logo Maker Shop (by: PIXO)

How It Works

While starting with a blank canvas is one option, it’s always easier to start by looking at the 1000+ logo templates that offers the the app comes with. Once you pick your favorite, you can customize the text using over 200 fonts and choose to add different symbols and a background to really personalize the template for your brand.


La Las logo templates are really modern and well designed, even the free ones! Most of the options are in a wordmark style or have simple, clean icons. If your brand is bold and modern, look no further. This is just about the best logo designer app I’ve tried.

A logo created with Logo Maker Shop logo design app
A logo created with Logo Maker Shop


Some templates (categorized as “Basic”) are free, but most templates are marked “Pro” and are only accessed by paying for a subscription service; either $4.99 for a week, $12.99 for a month, or $39.99 for a year.


  1. Ease of Use: Easy
  2. Customizability: Low
  3. Price: $$
  4. Bottom Line: ★★★½
  5. Best For: Bold, Modern Brands

3 . Logo Maker (by: Bizthug Pte Ltd)

How it works

Makr logo maker app result
A logo created with Logo Maker

Start by choosing a blank logo and black template of the suggested options: some of them are accessible, others are locked in the free app. Then edit your icon on a canvas screen that lets you adjust fonts, colors, and overlays, as well as add stickers (like icons, trims, and ribbons) or even your own images.


The free app is quite limited, but once you unlock the paid options, there’s a lot you can do with this logo app! It comes with a ton of preloaded backgrounds, icons, and overlays to create multiple versions of your logo. The editor is easy and fun to use.However, logo aesthetics definitely lean toward the casual rather than the professional, so this might not be the best option if your company caters to other businesses, for example.


Three free one day trial then $5.99 per week, $7.99 per month or $39.99 per year.


  1. Ease of Use: Easy
  2. Customization: High
  3. Price: $$
  4. Bottom Line: ★★★
  5. Best For: Casual Brands

4. Watercolor Logo Maker (by: Tap Flat Apps)

How it works

First, choose the watercolor-style shape that will form the background of your logo. You’ll then be taken to the editor, where you can adjust colors, add text, and make more customizations.

A logo created with the Watercolor Logo Maker logo design app
A logo created with the Watercolor Logo Maker


As the name suggests, this app offers watercolor-style logos. The question to ask yourself is: does it match my company brand? If you have an art store or an ice cream parlor; if your brand is cute and a bit whimsical; this could be a perfect choice. If you’re a B2B business, keep going.


Free app with limited range and pay $2.99 ​​to unlock a specific item (like a logo style or icon), or pay $9.99 to access all options.


  1. Ease of use: easy
  2. Customization: low
  3. Price: $$
  4. Bottom Line: ★★½
  5. Best For: Compelling Brands

5. ICONA (by: RoadRocks)

How it works

Press Create to see the Icona canvas with three options in the footer: Shapes, Text, and Drawing. Click on the shapes and type a keyword (eg Travel) to get many icon options you can scroll through. You have the possibility to adjust the icon by color, stroke and opacity. Then click the text to add your business name and adjust the font, color, or alignment. The draw icon allows you to start drawing your own shapes, which is useful if you’re using this app to brainstorm possible logos and then professionally design them separately.

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Lots of icons and great font options! In its attempts to be minimalistic and cutting edge in design, the interface is initially not straightforward. Good place to start brainstorming logos.

A logo created with the ICONA - Logo Designer application
A logo created with ICONA – Logo Designer.


Pay $1.99 to download the app, then download as many logos as you want.


  1. Ease of use: easy
  2. Customization: medium
  3. Price: $
  4. Final score: ★★½
  5. Best for: fans of minimalist design

6 . DesignMantic – Logo Maker (by: Right Solution)

How it works

The application process is quite similar to the desktop version, which we’ve covered above. Basically, you enter your business name and optionally a tagline. The app will then automatically generate a variety of logos for you; keep scrolling to see many different combinations. For more specific results, choose your industry from your dropdown menu. Once you find a template you like, tweak the logo by customizing fonts, colors, and all that good stuff.

A logo created with the DesignMantic - Logo Maker app
A logo created with DesignMantic by Right Solution


There are thousands of icons to choose from, so industry categorization really helps. The icons are definitely on the cartoony side and less modern. However, there are more logo opportunities in DesignMantic than in many other mobile logo apps when it comes to professional businesses on the more serious side of branding. Unfortunately, the canvas user experience and editing is not as smooth as other apps.


The app itself is free to download and use, and you pay $37 to download your logo: same price as web app.


  1. Easy to use: Hard
  2. Customization: Medium
  3. Price: $$$
  4. Bottom Line: ★★
  5. Best For: B2B/Professional Brands

7. LogoScopic Studio (by: RoadRocks)

How it works

First, choose the icon for your logo from the following categories: Iconic (abstract icons), Pro (professional/business icons) , Art, Lifestyle, Fashion and People. You can touch and hold to add Favorites while browsing the logo options. After choosing an icon, you can add your business name, which you can further edit for font, size, and alignment. You can further edit by changing the icon colors and optionally a background color.Finally, you can email it to yourself directly within the app.


Overall, the style of the icons is cartoonish – a step beyond clip art , but still not very modern. While it’s nice to use your fingers to move and resize the icon and text, this gives you less control – sometimes you end up doing things you didn’t intend to do without an option to undo the changes.

A logo created using LogoScopic logo design app Studio
A logo created with LogoScopic Studio


Free logo creation app with a very limited range of logo options, only from iconic category. To unlock all the features of Logoscopic premium, the annual subscription is $39.99, with a discount of $19.99 the first year.


  1. Ease of use : Medium
  2. Customization: medium
  3. Price: $
  4. Final score: ★½
  5. Clipparty logos (uh-oh)

8. Logo Maker + Logo Maker (By: Jagwinder Singh)

How It Works

Scroll through the many categories of templates, including Bagdes, Frames, Artworks, Masks, Signs, Vintage, etc to get an idea of ​​the wide range of directions your logo can take. Then select your favorite to move on to editing, where you can tweak its fonts, backgrounds, and colors.

A logo created with Logo Maker + Logo Creator logo design app
A logo created with Logo Maker + Creator Jagwinder singh


The interface of this logo app is quite confusing, with many categories of logos, some of which are quite random. The UX of the editor is also unnecessarily complex. Some of the templates are not fully editable and the color ranges are limited. The most frustrating aspect of this experience was the ads covering the screen every 10 seconds while editing, which is not necessarily the best technique to get the user to convert to pay.


Three day free trial then $34.99 per year to unlock everything. Like the $2.99 ​​weekly subscription and the $9.99 monthly subscription, the trial period does not grant access to all of the app’s features.


  1. Ease of Use: Difficult
  2. Customizability: Low
  3. Price: $
  4. Bottom Line: ★
  5. Not much.

Are logo design apps for you? —

To sum it up, a logo design app can be a good resource for entrepreneurs, especially if you’re just starting out or need a quick, disposable logo for an event. While apps have their limitations when it comes to styles and differentiation, like all online logo makers, they are a convenient, fast, and inexpensive way to produce a first logo for your business. Especially if you’re a consumer business and your brand is young and hip, mobile apps can offer a strong logo solution.

Our advice: go ahead and play around with the apps and when you’re ready for a polished look , start a 99designs contest for a truly unique and professional logo.

This article was originally published in 2017. It has been updated with new research and information provided by Annabelle Peacock.


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