How to Change Your Recovery Email in Gmail on Desktop

  • You should change your recovery email in gmail if you recently created a new email, deleted the old email, or just want to keep your account safe.
  • your recovery email in gmail will be uses to contact you in case your gmail account is compromised or if you forget your password.
  • To view or change your recovery email in gmail, first navigate to the google account management page.
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When you first sign up for a gmail account, you must provide a recovery email address.

a recovery email ensures that google can contact you regarding the security of your account, in case of strange actions that are not typical of your habits or if you simply forget your password.

To view your recovery email, if you’ve forgotten it, or change it to a more up-to-date secondary email, first go to your Google account management page.

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how to change your recovery email in gmail

1. launch in your preferred browser on your mac or pc.

2. once you’re logged in, click your account photo to the right to access a dropdown menu.

3. select “manage your google account”.

4. on the google account page, on the left, select “personal information” from the menu.

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5. scroll down to “contact info” and select “email” by clicking the arrow to the right.

6. on the email page, select “recovery email” under “google account email”.

7. a new page will ask you to enter your gmail password to ensure security.

8. under “recovery email”, select the arrow to the right to edit your current recovery email.

9. In the pop-up window, enter the new recovery email you want to use for your gmail account, then select “done”.

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