How Do I Change My Views in Outlook (Multiple Options)

how do i change my views in outlook (multiple options)

Would you like to find a view in outlook that suits your specific needs? This short tutorial quickly shares how you can access the various display settings within Outlook.

how can you change the view of your inbox in outlook?

selecting a different existing view:

  • click the view tab on the ribbon to change the inbox view.
  • then click the change view button in the current view group.
  • choose one of the views listed in the menu that will appear to apply it to your inbox. you can choose from several options, including compact, preview, or individual views. the default view is the compact view.
  • if you want to edit existing views or create a new custom view, click manage views in the menu that appears to open the manage all views dialog.

create a new custom view:

  • click the new button on the right side of the dialog to create a new view.
  • the dialog to create a new view will appear. enter a name for the view in the new view name text box.
  • choose the type of view you’d like to create, for example, table, timeline, card, people, slideshow, day/week/month, or icon.
  • click the options button to select who should see this new view, for example, this folder visible to everyone, this folder visible only to me , or all mail and post folders
  • to launch the advanced view settings dialog, click the ok button. there are seven buttons on this dialog that you can click to set options for your view. however, depending on the base view type chosen, some of the buttons may not be available.
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adding columns to the view:

  • in the advanced view settings dialog, click the columns button to add columns to the view. this will bring up the show columns dialog.
  • set the maximum number of lines in compact mode using the dropdown on the right hand side of that tag.
  • then use columns available from the dropdown menu in the upper left corner to select a set of fields to display in the list on the left.
  • select the fields you would like to add to your new view from the list on the left and click the add button to add them to the list on the right.
  • if you want to change the position of the newly added fields, select them in the list on the right and click the button move the buttons to down and up until they are in the desired position.
  • after adding and arranging the fields, click OK.

grouping elements in the view:

  • click the group by button to open the group by dialog and group the items in your new view.
  • then click the dropdown below group items and choose a field in which to group the elements. you can choose up to four fields.
  • select whether you want to group them in ascending or descending order by selecting a setting option on the far right of each grouped field.
  • click OK once has finished. done to set the grouping for your view.
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change the default sort order of the view:

  • click the sort button to open the sort dialog and set how items are sorted by default in the view.
  • use the selected fields available from the dropdown list in at the bottom of the dialog to choose the set of fields from which to select the sort fields.
  • To indicate which field to sort the view by, use the drop-down menus below sort items by and then by sections. you can sort by up to four fields.
  • you can sort these fields in ascending or descending order by choosing the desired option at the far right of each field.
  • click OK to set sorting your view once you’re done.

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