How to call phones from gmail: 6 steps

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You can also enter the phone number in the Name, phone number text box and then press Enter or the phone icon.

With a couple of quick adjustments, you can use Google Voice to make and receive phone calls from Gmail instead of visiting the Google Voice website. You just need a computer with a functioning microphone. Here”s how to make phone calls in Gmail using the desktop or web versions of Google Voice.

How to Call Someone From Gmail

Three Google services combine to make this work. Follow these steps to place a phone call to any number from your Gmail account page:

Install theGoogle Video Support plugin. Hangouts is Google”s free chat, instant messaging, and video chatapp. If it”s installed, the Hangouts window appears below the list of email folders.


If the person you want to call is in your contacts list, hover over the contact and select the phone icon. The phone call starts immediately.

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If the number isn”t in your contacts list, enter the phone number in the Name, phone number text box and then press Enter (or the phone icon that”s next to the number). The phone call begins immediately.

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If the number is in a different country, select the flag icon and choose the appropriate country. The proper country code is automatically attached to the number.

How to Receive a Phone Call From Your Gmail Interface

A call to your Google Voice number causes a ring notification to sound on your computer. If you have the Hangouts plugin, you don”t have to leave Gmail to answer the call. Press Answerto pick up the call. Or, select Screen to send the call to voicemail, select Join to answer the call when you know who the caller is, or select Ignore to end the alert and the call.

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How Google Voice Works

Google Voice uses an internet connection to place calls (a method called Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP). Using Google Voice through Gmail doesn”t have the ability to call an email address; this involves two different communication media. Using Google Voice from Gmail offers an additional and convenientway to access Google Voice from the Gmail interface.

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