How to Add Yahoo Mail to an iPhone in 2 Simple Ways

  • you can add yahoo mail to your iphone by downloading the official yahoo mail app.
  • you can also add your yahoo mail account to the iPhone’s default mail app.
  • Once you add your yahoo mail account, you can send and receive email directly from your iPhone.
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While some people log into the yahoo mail website through a browser to check their mail, this can be quite inconvenient. if you have an iphone, a better solution is to add your yahoo mail account to your iphone.

It’s faster and more efficient than checking email in a web browser, and you get all the convenience of a full-featured email app that’s optimized for the iphone screen.

you can do it in two easy ways: by installing the yahoo mail app or by adding a yahoo mail account to the iphone mail app. here’s how to do both.

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how to add the yahoo mail app to your iphone

yahoo offers its own yahoo mail application for the iphone. you don’t need to use it, but it does offer some useful features, like the ability to automatically filter your email by message type (such as subscriptions, receipts, travel, and unread).

If you want to try it, please install yahoo mail from the app store and then sign in to your yahoo account with your username or email address and password.

To install additional yahoo accounts, tap the menu icon at the top left of the yahoo mail app and tap “add another mailbox”. tap yahoo and follow the prompts to enter your username or email, followed by your password.

how to add a yahoo mail account to your iphone’s built-in mail app

you don’t need to use the yahoo mail app; You can also add Yahoo Mail to the iPhone’s own Mail app. this will allow you to read your yahoo mail in one unified inbox, along with all your other email accounts.

1. start your iphone’s settings app; its icon looks like a gray gear.

2. scroll down and tap “accounts & passwords”.

3. tap “add account”.

5. Follow the instructions to enter your username or email address, followed by your password.

give your phone a few minutes to sync with your yahoo mailbox. once you do, all your mail will appear in the mail app.

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