How to add a contact to a list in yahoo mail

  • yahoo mail adds contacts to your address book automatically when you email someone new.
  • You can manually add new contacts to yahoo mail using the “add a new contact” function at the bottom of the contacts tab.
  • You can also add contacts from an email by hovering over the recipient’s name in the email header and choosing “add to contacts”.
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yahoo mail takes an interesting approach to contacts. the email service actually adds contacts to your address book automatically for each person you email.

so when you open a new email message and start typing a recipient’s name, yahoo mail can suggest email addresses from messages you’ve sent and received.

but if you want to manually add contacts to yahoo mail, you can do that too. here’s how.

how to add new contacts to yahoo mail on a computer

1. open yahoo mail in a web browser, and then click the contacts icon near the top of the page, to the right of the inbox.

2. Click “add a new contact” at the bottom of the panel.

3. fill in the details and then click “save”. you don’t need to add any information other than the contact’s name. all other fields are optional.

how to add contacts to yahoo mail from email messages on a computer

If you have an email from the person you want to add, you can do so with just one click.

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1. Open an email from the person you want to add.

2. Move your mouse over your name at the top of the message. you should see a pop-up window with details about the person or company.

3. click “add to contacts”.

4. add any additional information you have for your contact then click “save”.

contacts in the yahoo mail mobile app

the yahoo mail app does not have a tool to add new contacts from scratch. If you want to add contacts manually, you must use yahoo mail on desktop.

but if you want to see your contacts, open the app and tap “more” at the bottom right of the screen and then tap “contacts”. the contact list is pre-populated with all the people you have exchanged messages with in your inbox.

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