How Much Does an App Development Cost in India? A 2023 Detailed Guide

Around the world, the cost of application development in India is cheap without compromising on quality of code structure, skilled resources and on-time delivery.

In India, the range of The minimum rate for a developer is between $12 and $50 per hour in 2023. Although $40-50$/hour is the hourly rate for designers, junior developersIf you are looking for a comprehensive guide on app development costs in India, it is always advisable to take a closer look at these variable factors. Below we explain the key cost drivers for application development.

The type of application and target platforms

What type of application you want develop and what OS platforms you want to target will have the biggest influence on development cost? If you are going to build a single app that runs on all mobile platforms as well as the web, then building a hybrid app will be the best option. While hybrid apps will drastically reduce the cost of development, you have to compromise on the user experience.

Building separate native apps for iOS and Android is more expensive. But due to the platform-specific approach to native development, the user experience of the app will be much better. Between hybrid and native development, you can now go for a middle path called cross-platform development. Technologies like React Native or Flutter allow you to reuse more than 80% of the code for both iOS and Android. Otherwise, you can resort to platform-specific UI development for a more native look and feel.

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Offline Access

Today, applications are embracing offline accessibility to get ahead of traditional Internet-dependent applications. Cloud computing and advanced localized caching allow Application users to access certain Application features and content even when Internet connectivity is unavailable. Any offline changes will be updated as soon as the connection is re-established. This may incur a small additional cost.

Application Functions

Ultimately, functions consume all the development hours of an application project. While the number of features will determine the development cost, sometimes even some complicated and advanced features can consume considerable cost. In a step-by-step guide to building an app, feature development takes center stage. Although features represent what your app wants to offer users, you can always start with the key features and add other features based on user feedback over time. This can reduce your initial development cost.

Number of application screens

If you are developing a large application with too many screens, this can substantially increase the cost load of your application. By using fewer number screens, you can easily control the cost. For the first deployment, only create screens that are elementary to how the application works. You can add others later through subsequent updates.

Application architectureMany of these hosting solutions will only bill for the services and bandwidth used by the application.

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Another cost component refers to the cost of subsequent application updates. In addition to regular security patches, features, UI/UX improvements, and other value additions can continue at the incremental cost of maintenance and updates. There are also license costs to use certain technologies.

How to have full control over the project budget?

Now that you have a complete idea of ​​various variable factors for application development cost and budget considerations, you should consider some tips and measures to control the development cost. For a comprehensive guide on application development costs in India, we have provided here some of the most tried and tested tips.

  • First of all, make a detailed and meticulous project requirements document that explain everything. This will help you make a more accurate estimate.
  • Make two alternative project requirements to compare the pros and cons and their costs. This can work as an A/B test of the requirements against your budget.
  • After finalizing the basic project requirements, create an MVP roadmap with prioritized features and UI/UX elements for initial implementation. The rest is reserved for incremental updates based on user feedback.
  • Finally, don’t compromise core app features and user experience attributes for cost’s sake. Only after choosing the best development options can you compare their cost.


Application development cost in India is more lower than other parts of the globe Despite this, there is a competitive search to find more effective ways to further reduce development costs. As the app market expands to small businesses and startups, these cost-cutting measures are becoming more important than ever.

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