How Can I Check My Email Inbox? An Easy-to-Follow Visual Guide

how to check your email inbox on a smartphone

which is better, android or ios? that’s probably a discussion you don’t want to have again. well, both operating systems come with their own built-in email clients (gmail for android and apple mail for ios), so it’s a matter of personal preference.

So, let’s see how you can access your email account on either system, step by step.

android phone

apple iphone

apple can be inflexible when it comes to features in its proprietary products, but fortunately, this is not the case with email accounts. If you have followed the steps mentioned above, you will now be able to access your email account.

how to check your email inbox from browsers

All email providers, such as the popular gmail, yahoo mail, icloud, and aol mail, have their own web interfaces. you can log in to them in three easy steps:

how to check your email inbox on an ipad

When it comes to checking your emails on an iPad, you have two options.

Just because iPads are Apple products, doesn’t mean you have to use Apple Mail for your emails. you can use the mail app or a web browser to manage your email inbox.

how to check email on a chromebook

Chromebooks are a popular alternative to laptops and tablets for those who want to work on the go. they even outsold mac in 2020.

but being a google product, does that mean you can only check your emails if you have a gmail account?

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The short answer is no. Chrome OS is the default operating system for Chromebooks, but you can still sign in to accounts from most email providers. here’s how:

as with apple products, the device’s operating system does not dictate the email account you must use to access your accounts. you can use gmail on a chromebook and add other existing accounts, but you can also use the browser.

how to check your email inbox on a desktop

Most desktops come with their own dedicated email clients. For example, PC devices running on Windows offer access to Windows 10 Mail, while Macos comes with Apple Mail mentioned above. Let’s see this brief summary of the steps for these two applications.

If there’s one thing Mailbird can do better than the other tools on this list, it’s manage multiple accounts. let’s face it, you probably have more than one or two accounts.

When you’re in a workflow, nothing kills productivity like having to switch email accounts. Instead of finding what you need right away, you have to check each of your accounts and review dozens, if not hundreds, of communications.

And what about managing the calendars and contacts that all accounts carry? mailbird can help you with that and more.

what is the best way to check your email?

There are many different ways to check your inbox, no matter what device or email provider you use. but how convenient is it?

verifying a personal email account with webmail is probably not a problem, but not if you’re an active email user.

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That’s where mailbird comes in: an email client with a simple interface and powerful features that helps you use your time more efficiently. let’s take a look at some of these features.

unified inbox

this is the flagship feature of mailbird and the key functionality that allows you to review all your emails in a single interface without interrupting your workflow. you can choose between:

  • view all email accounts. in this case, the inbox will be color coded to distinguish between different addresses.
  • see each account separately. In case you need to focus more on one account, you can switch between each using the sidebar.

advanced search

Emails tend to collect important information, but retrieving it can be difficult. that’s why mailbird has a search function that works with search operators and conditions like “recipient” or “including words”. plus, there’s an attachment search that lets you see all the files you’ve sent or received and find a specific one by name and size.

contact manager

mailbird is not only a great tool for checking emails, but also for managing your email contacts. it also supports unified functionality, so you can view all your contacts at the same time or separately, per account.

here’s the contact manager: a native integration that helps organize contacts from the different accounts you connect to the unified inbox.

native calendar

This calendar also supports unified technology and allows you to keep track of the different events you’ve set up that you’ve been invited to.

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productivity features

mailbird has more than a few features to help increase productivity, including:

  • Email Tracking: Allows you to see if people open your emails. if it’s a group email, you can even see who opened it and when.
  • schedule delivery: Allows you to postpone sending an email by scheduling delivery at a certain time on the calendar.
  • Integrations: There are over 20 third-party integrations, such as Google Workspace and Asana, that allow you to use popular applications within the Mailbird interface.

what’s next?

mail bird below. we’re not kidding! while mailbird runs like clockwork on windows, we’re looking for ways to expand. there’s a mac version in the works, and we won’t stop there!


You can view and access your email inbox on almost any device. And with this visual guide, checking your email inbox should be easy and hassle-free no matter how you do it.

Even if it comes with a default email client, like Apple Mail or Windows 10 Mail, there’s always a way to access your accounts, regardless of provider, whether it’s through a browser or the app itself.

but it can do better than webmail interfaces and generic products.

If you’ve been juggling multiple accounts and your business depends on quick responses, then give Mailbird a try. With its unified inbox and many other useful features, you can reduce your email management time to next to nothing, no matter how many accounts you have.

Increase your productivity by making email management simple and easy with mailbird.

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