How To Forward A Complete Thread Of Emails In Gmail, How To Forward A Single Email In Gmail

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To forward an email thread, Conversation View must be enabled in Gmail. Conversation View is the default setting, but make sure it”s on. In your Gmail inbox screen, select Settings (gear). Scroll to the bottom and check Conversation View under Email Threading.To forward a conversation, find it in your inbox. Select it, and press More > Forward All. Add comments, and press Send.

This article explains how to enable Conversation View in Gmail and use it to forward entire conversation threads at once. With Conversation View enabled, Gmail groups all emails with the same subject line (Gmail ignores prefixes such as Re: and Fwd:) into one conversation, so you can forward them as if they were one email.




Conversation View is enabled by default on newer Gmail accounts. Use these steps to ensure that it is enabled.

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Scroll to the bottom of the box until you see Email Threading, then place a check in the box next to Conversation View.








With Conversation View off, each email appears in your inbox by itself in reverse chronological order.

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Forward a Complete Thread or Conversation of Emails in Gmail

To forward an entire conversation in one message with Gmail:




Add any comments to the email and address the message. Select Send to send the conversation along with your comments.

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