How can i access my gmail account without phone verification

2-step verification is definitely the best way to sign in to google account. When someone tries to sign in to your account, Google displays a message asking “Are you trying to sign in?” on the phone. this makes it hard for anyone to hack into your google account, even if they have your password.

However, I recently faced this situation where I couldn’t log into my google account because I didn’t have my phone to verify my identity. I wonder what happens if my phone is lost? If you are in this situation where you need to log in to your google account without using your phone, here is everything you can try.

login google account without verification code

You have the option to try another way below the 2fa popup screen.

however, all the options listed require you to have access to a smartphone linked to a google account which you probably don’t have, right?

1. find a device you’re already signed in to

This might not be a possibility for many people. But if you can’t log in to your google account after losing your phone, try to find a device that you’re already logged in to. open google account settings > security > two-step verification and click the turn off button. enter the google account password and click sign in to verify. that’s it, this will disable 2-step verification allowing you to login through any device without verification code.

2. try to log in on a trusted device

When you sign in to your google account, you have an option called don’t ask me again on this computer. this is enabled by default. do you have a phone or tablet that you once logged in with this google id? If so, you will most likely be able to sign in again but without a verification code from Google. you two have a history and google will remember the device.

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If you’re concerned about devices you’ve previously signed in to, open google account settings > security > two-step verification and scroll to the bottom. here you will find the option devices you trust. just click the revoke all option to remove all trusted devices.

3. try to log in to a known wi-fi network

Google considers your home or work Wi-Fi network to be trusted, and you can authenticate your login by connecting your device to your home or work network. while there is no guarantee that this method will work, it is something suggested by google. so it’s worth connecting to all the networks you’ve connected to before.

4. get help from google

if nothing else works, all you can do is ask google to recover your account. tap or click the get help option on the verification page.

On the next page, scroll down and click continue with account recovery.

google will ask you many questions to better understand the situation. You will also be asked to enter some details, such as your phone number and email address. Once verification is complete, Google will review your request and obtain an access token at the recovery email address you provided when creating your Google account.

Google may take 3-5 business days to respond. it’s not efficient in any way as google asks for a lot of account details to confirm a user’s identity. so answer as many as you can and hope for the best.

Let’s be honest. Accessing your own google account can be difficult without the keys to the kingdom. and google wants to make sure someone isn’t trying to hack into your account, which happens all the time. therefore, all steps and hoops are for your own safety.

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however, you can avoid this problem in the future by implementing these lockboxes. I have listed all the things you can use to sign in to your google account.

avoid this problem in the future

1. configure backup codes

When you enable 2fa or 2sv, google will offer to save backup codes. You can use any of the codes to log in to your Google account in case you forget your password or are unable to verify using a smartphone or 2FA verification code. you get 10 codes and each can be used once.

To generate a backup code, go to your google account settings page. go to security> two-step verification and click backup codes to generate it. write these codes down in a safe place (preferably offline) and where you can access them in the future.

In the future, if you can’t re-verify your google login, please use one of the security codes.

2. security key

The security key is a kind of usb stick designed for two-step verification. These physical flash drives contain the credentials or keys that are linked to your Google account. you can buy one on amazon and keep it in your wallet or on your desk.

To use the key, you must first link it to your account. to enable the security key, go to manage your account > security > 2fa > security key and follow the steps to connect your security key to your account.

now, just use it while logging in. on the verification page, click try another way > security key and insert the security key to login. If the key was successfully linked to your account, you should be able to log in with no problem.

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3. author

authy is an authenticator app that supports multi-device login, so it solves the problem as you can sign in on multiple devices and verify. In case you lose a device, you have another option. If you are using the authenticator for multiple services, authy makes it easy to find the required code by using logos instead of service names.

unlike other authenticator apps like google, microsoft or lastpass, authy uses your phone number to log in. It’s easy to spoof a number by sim swapping, but getting your device to access codes is more difficult. this is where authority is lacking. The code itself can’t allow people to log into their accounts, but it’s a step more vulnerable than what Google’s authenticator provides.

4. add recovery email

You must add another email id as your recovery email address for Google to contact you. If you have, the process will be easier when you use the get help option I mentioned earlier. you can add a recovery email by opening google account settings > personal information and click the recovery email option. here, along with the primary email id, you can also add contact and recovery email ids of any of your family members or other of your email accounts.

summarizing: login to google without verification code

Regardless of the issues, I strongly suggest you use two-factor authentication, as it’s better than compromising security. 2fa is a widely accepted security practice for most popular services.

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