How to change Gmail’s spam settings and customize the filter

Spam has become as sure as death and taxes, and email providers are in a constant war to keep our inboxes free of phishing attempts, malware, and unwanted clutter. That’s why it’s important to understand gmail’s spam settings.

While the gmail filter is good at separating trash from treasure, sometimes an incomplete message slips through the net. other times, an important email gets lost.

However, you can train the accuracy of the google algorithm and configure your own custom rules. Let’s discuss how to customize your gmail spam filter and settings.

how to manually mark or unmark emails as spam

for most users, the best way to modify the gmail spam filter is to provide feedback. Manually marking or unmarking your emails as spam helps train Google’s algorithm and reduces the chance of incorrect classification.

mark or unmark emails as spam on the gmail website

Here’s how to manually mark an email as spam in the gmail web app:

  1. go to gmail
  1. locate and mark the email you wish to reclassify

gmail web inbox

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  1. To mark as spam, click the Report spam button. To unmark an email in the spam folder, click the Not spam button

gmail web email selected

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That’s it! You’ve now successfully marked an email as spam in the Gmail web app.

mark or unmark emails as spam in gmail mobile

Here’s how to manually mark an email as spam in the gmail mobile app:

  1. start the gmail app
  1. Locate and hold the email you want to reclassify
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android gmail inbox mobile app

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  1. Tap the More menu (three dots) button

android gmail email selected

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  1. Select Report spam or Report not spam

android gmail email menu

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  1. Tap Report spam & unsubscribe or Report spam if prompted

android gmail report spam prompt

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That’s it! You’ve now successfully marked an email as spam using the Android and iOS Gmail app.

how to create custom gmail spam filters

If you prefer a more automated solution, you can create custom filters to capture and classify emails based on certain rules. for example, you could whitelist allowed senders or blacklist spammers.

You can also use more complex rules, like filtering on certain keywords and choosing exactly what gmail does with flagged messages. User-created filters may not be as accurate as manual email classification, but they can save time if configured correctly.

create a custom spam filter in gmail

Here’s how to create a custom spam filter in the gmail web app:

how to change google workplace spam settings

If you’re a network administrator using Google Workspace, you can apply spam settings to entire organizations, eliminating the need for individual settings.

Here’s how to access spam settings in google workspace:

  1. go to google admin
  1. click the more (hamburger) menu button and select applications on the left side

google admin apps

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  1. Click Google Workspace

google admin google workspace

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  1. Select Gmail

google admin gmail option

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  1. Click Advanced settings (legacy version) and then Spam, phishing, and malware
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google admin spam

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From here, you can set rules for emails and introduce spam filters. You can also block senders and more. This can be a great option for organizations looking to clean up their emails.

what is the best way to avoid spam?

Most of us can rely on gmail’s automatic spam filter to keep our inboxes tidy. Often simply reclassifying a disguised piece of junk or a wrongly accused message is enough for the AI ​​to run smoothly.

Sometimes, though, you may need to set up custom filters to make sure important emails always make it to your inbox and junk never gets in your way.

but if google is serious about fighting spam, it needs to create an artificial intelligence bot that will chase down spammers and break all the little bones in their fingers and hands. only then can the world know peace.

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