Do You Need a Google Account to Join a Hangout? What You Need to Know

  • You don’t need to have a google account to join a hangout meeting, but you do need an invite to participate.
  • Specifically, the user who invites you needs to have g suite to access the hangout. feature that allows non-google users to join a meeting as a guest.
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hangouts is a google platform for chatting with people, but you don’t necessarily have to have a google account to use it.

for the most part, you’ll need a google account if you want to create hangouts or use the platform in general.

Those without a google account can still join a hangout if a meeting participant has a g suite account and approves external guests.

Here’s how to invite a guest to join a hangout.

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how to invite a guest to join a google hangout via google calendar

Note again that you’ll need to have a g suite account to invite anyone who doesn’t have a gmail address.

1. open the event in google calendar and touch “edit event”.

2. In the invitees tab, enter the email address of the invitee.

3. Click “save” and then “send” and an invitation will be sent to the invitees.

Guests you invite can join the meeting through the link they receive.

how to invite a guest to join a google hangout via email

1. open the hangout link to join a meeting.

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2. Once you’re in the meeting, click the add people icon in the top right corner.

3. Enter the name or email of the people you want to invite and click “invite”.

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