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Lately, I’m noticing that all my messages in Gmail have the wrong time displayed on each message (everything is off by three hours). I checked my PC timezone settings and everything looks correct. I even check my Gmail settings but there are no configuration settings to change the timezone settings.

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Where in the world does Gmail get the time information for email messages to I can set the correct timzone??


Wow I see what you mean. I usually don’t pay much attention to my account settings on the Internet (forums, online email accounts, etc…) but when I checked my Gmail messages, I also notice the same results…the time stamp is wrong on my email messages.


NOTE: to see the time stamp, open a message, then click on the show details link next to the date on the message.

You would think that the timezone setting can be changed in the Settings options of your Gmail account, but you can’t. Instead, since the timezone information is a global setting, you need to change it at your Google account settings.

Here, you will see your Google account Personal information with the current time zone setting.

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To change it, click on the Edit link next to Personal information. Then in the account information screen, choose your timezone by clicking on the check box next to Display all timezones followed by change the timezone (using the pull down arrow).

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Once you make the change, click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen, followed by clicking on the Back link in the yellow confirmation notice.

You should now see the correct timezone displayed on the Personal information screen. To go back to your Gmail mailbox, click on the Gmail link on the right. The time stamps on your messages should now be correct.

If the time is still wrong, check the timezone setting of your your PC clock. It’s probably needs to be change to the correct timezone setting that you want.

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If you ever need to get to your Google account settings from Gmail, click on the Settings link (upper right of screen) , then select the Account tab. Scroll down to Google Account settings section and you will see the link for Google account settings.

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