40 Gmail Statistics to Know in 2022

On April 1, 2004, Gmail was first launched. Due to the strange timing of its release and the fact that it offered much more storage than its rivals, the tech world thought it was an elaborate April Fool’s joke.

The fact that it continues to perform as well as ever shows how much google has invested in the platform since then. this is not surprising when the average worker receives about 121 emails a day. your email service provider should be fast, reliable, and help you stay productive.

Let’s look at some of the more pertinent gmail stats you need to know.

gmail usage statistics

1. Gmail remains the most popular email service provider in the world, with more than 1.8 billion users.

(source: software finder)

2. At the end of 2020, and in 2021, gmail held 43% of the market share of email service providers.

(source: email client market share)

3. Gmail is incredibly popular with the younger generation, with 61% of Americans ages 18-29 and 54% of Americans ages 30-44 using Gmail. the platform.

(source: statistics)

4. gmail is becoming a popular option for accessing your emails on the go. It is estimated that about 75% of Gmail users actively access their emails from a mobile device.

(source: techcrunch)

5. The average age of Gmail users is 31 years old.

(source: mashable)

gmail and spam statistics

6. Gmail’s machine learning blocks around 10 million spam emails every day.

(source: cso)

7. only about 0.1% of all emails that end up in your gmail inbox are actually spam. an impressive number considering the number of gmail blocks.

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(source: google)

8. Only about 0.05% of messages that go to the gmail spam folder are incorrectly marked as spam.

(source: google)

gmail account statistics

9. the average gmail account contains more than 17,000 messages.

(source: zdnet)

10. The average Gmail account is worth more than three thousand five hundred dollars.

(source: backup)

11. almost 70% of the emails that arrive in your gmail inbox have been marked by google as promotional. that’s a lot of marketing material to go through.

(source: marketing graphics)

12. the average number of gmail accounts per person is around 1.7. Usually this is because people have a personal account and a business account.

(source: radicati)

13. by 2022 it is estimated that the average number of emails per user will grow to 1.9.

(source: radicati)

14. More than 20 billion emails have been migrated from other platforms to gmail. that’s a staggering 28 million per day.

(source: shuttlecloud)

15. Gmail is also popular with businesses, with around 60% of all mid-sized businesses in the US. uu. use gmail as email service provider.

(source: customer stories)

16. Gmail is the email provider of choice for startups in the US. uu. over 90% of startups use gmail.

(source: customer stories)

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gmail tag statistics

a study on how emails are tagged in gmail using marketing graphs highlighted some interesting statistics:

17. Emails in Gmail labeled as promotions reach users’ inboxes about 84.5% of the time.

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18. Emails in Gmail labeled as social land in users’ inboxes around 87.2% of the time.

19. Emails in Gmail tagged as updates reach users’ inboxes about 86.8% of the time.

The same study also sheds light on the read rates of these three inboxes:

20. Emails in Gmail tagged as promotions had a 19.2% read rate.

21. Emails in Gmail tagged as social had a 22.4% read rate.

22. Emails in Gmail tagged as updates had a 28% read rate.

(source: marketing graphics)

other gmail stats

23. Gmail’s longest outage occurred in 2009 and lasted about two and a half hours. reported that during this time, approximately 100 million accounts were affected.

(source: venturebeat)

24. Google has always made sure to offer more free storage than its competitors, which is one of the reasons it has retained such a large chunk of market share. When it was released in 2004, users got 1GB of free storage. a year later, to celebrate his birthday, google doubled it to 2gb.

(source: google)

25. Starting in 2021, Google will continue to offer incredibly generous free storage. It currently has 15 GB of free storage, although it is now in Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos.

(source: google)

26. In 2014, Gmail suffered its largest data breach. over 5 million logins were leaked in September of that year and posted on a Russian bitcoin forum.

(source: directiq)

27. That leak also identified problems with passwords, with only 1% using a combination of numbers, symbols, and letters. this led gmail to increase the security and strength of the passwords its users choose.

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(source: cool infographics/google)

This leak also highlighted other password issues:

28. Of the leaked passwords, less than 8% contained more than ten characters.

29. Of the leaked passwords, less than 40% had only lowercase letters.

30. Of the leaked passwords, 42.5% combined numbers and lowercase letters; many of them were incredibly easy to guess.

(source: cool infographics/google)

31. Gmail supports 72 different languages.

(source: wikipedia)

32. Gmail has a 24-hour lockout feature to protect users when you think an account has been compromised.

(source: wikipedia)

33. Email is opened in the gmail account for 27% of all email opens.

(source: litmus)

email marketing and usage statistics

34. Worldwide, the number of emails sent and received each day is expected to reach 319.6 billion by 2021.

(source: statistics)

35. The average click-through rate for emails is around 3.1%.

(source: marketing graphics)

36. It is estimated that about 69% of emails marked as spam are due to the subject of the email.

(source: convince and convert)

37. If you include a question in an email you send, you are 50% more likely to get a response from the recipient.

(source: boomerang)

38. As of 2020, there were about 3.9 billion daily email users.

(source: statistics)

39. The most popular mobile client for checking email is Apple iPhone with 29%.

(source: campaign monitor)

40. For every dollar you spend on email marketing, you’re likely to get a 42% return.

(source: dma)

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