Gmail Spam Folder Location: A ThunderTix How-To Guide

When testing email delivery, some gmail users may find that email they sent to themselves appears to be undeliverable. In what is known as a false positive, the email was delivered, but google sent it directly to gmail’s ‘spam’ folder. gmail spam folder location is not easy to find. also, after sending an email to the “spam” folder once, gmail may permanently mark all subsequent emails from the same sender as “spam”.

The following steps describe how to locate the gmail ‘spam’ folder and then remove the ‘spam’ flag by adding the sender to your contact list.

mouse pointer rolls over “look”

Gmail spam folder location

1. As seen in the image above, the gmail ‘spam’ folder is hidden by default. To view the folder, simply hover your mouse pointer over any of the folder names in the left column of the gmail user interface (ui).

2. the column will expand to show all folder labels, including the ‘spam’ folder.

3. clicking on the ‘spam’ folder text will load the folder in the main UI window.

4. if your email delivery test resulted in the test email being sent to the ‘spam’ folder, it will appear as unread, in bold, with the name and email account used.

5. click the square box in the left corner of the display bar that represents the email. a checkmark will appear.

6. then click the ‘don’t spam’ button at the top of the gmail user interface. this will automatically move the email from the ‘spam’ folder to the ‘inbox’.

important: by being marked as “spam” by google, all subsequent emails sent from that email account may also be sent to the gmail “spam” folder. worse still, the flag can be applied to everyone you send an email to. it is important to correct the erroneous “spam” flag by adding the sender to your contact list (see below)

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always show spam folder

You can configure the gmail ‘spam’ folder to display in different ways. To change the setting to always show the ‘spam’ folder, follow the steps below.

gmail spam folder options

1. in the upper right corner of the gmail user interface, click the gear icon. a dropdown menu will appear.

2. click on ‘settings’. the main window will be updated with all available settings.

3. click ‘labels’.

4. scroll down until you see the ‘spam’ folder settings.

5. choose from “show”, “hide” or “show if unread”. you can change the setting back and forth as you like.

Exactly how you set up your gmail account is up to you, but if you found one of your test email confirmations in the ‘spam’ folder, or if the ‘spam’ folder was already set to ‘hidden “, we encourage you to make the ‘spam’ folder visible and add the sender to your contact (see below).

additional information

google provides extensive help and advice on managing your gmail account. specific help files for managing folder viewing are here. Thundertix extensively tests all new features, but third-party applications like Gmail are not under our direct control. see the available gmail help files for additional information.

add a sender to your contacts

Once you have found the location of the gmail spam folder and made the appropriate account setup, we strongly recommend that you add the sender to your contact list. doing so is an important step in reducing the likelihood that subsequent test emails will be sent to the “spam” folder. google has recognized this as a good practice:

If you find a message incorrectly classified as spam, you can unmark it. simply select the message and click the not spam button that appears at the top and bottom of your current view. unmarking a message will automatically move it to your inbox.

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If you find that messages from some senders are constantly being mislabeled as spam, you can avoid it:

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