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You don’t have to constantly check your computer for new gmail messages. instead get gmail notifications in chrome. for basic notifications use the settings within gmail. Or, for more advanced options, a free browser extension keeps you up to date, even if your gmail window or tab is closed.

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notifications in gmail

if you prefer not to install any extension, use the notification settings of your gmail account. When enabled, you can receive Gmail notifications in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other Chromium-based browsers. however, you will need to keep the gmail window open for this to work.

Sign in to your gmail account. click the settings icon on the top right corner and choose all settings.

scroll down the general section until you see “desktop notifications”. Select whether you want to receive notifications for all messages or just important mail.

click the “click here to enable desktop notifications for gmail” link. this sends a request to chrome to allow notifications in your browser. choose allow when the box appears.

scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “save changes”. if you try it and nothing happens, you will need to allow your browser notifications from your operating system. You can turn on app-specific settings and manage how they appear on both Mac and Windows.

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On windows, the notification looks like the image below.

use checker plus for gmail

if you want to know more ways to customize notifications, you will need an extension. One of the most popular and trusted extensions is Checker Plus for Gmail. it has over a million users and is updated regularly.

Log in to your gmail account in chrome. download checker plus for gmail Please confirm that you want to add the extension to continue with the installation.

when installed, click configure extension on the new screen that appears.

You can access the settings at any time by going to “settings -> more tools -> extensions” from within chrome. choose the details in the checker plus extension and select “extension options”.

Once in the plugin settings, go to accounts/tags. you can automatically detect logged in accounts or manually add accounts to stay logged in and receive notifications. you can also choose the tags you want to receive notifications for.

When you log in, you will have two new icons: a red gmail icon in the top right corner in chrome and a blue bell icon on your desktop taskbar. these two will work together, depending on whether you have a gmail window open.

You can use the other settings to customize sounds, do not disturb times, multiple notifications, and even keyboard shortcuts.

when you receive new mail, you will hear a sound. or enable desktop notifications in the notifications tab in the extension settings to see a popup desktop notification.

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checker plus is a flexible and effective tool for email tracking. In addition to its notification features, it supports multiple accounts, assigns photos to contacts, and monitors custom Gmail labels. Despite these many features, it runs in the background without affecting the overall performance of your computer. the options page is well organized with a tabbed interface that is simple and easy to understand.

Whether you are a new or experienced gmail user, this extension will come in handy whenever you need immediate alerts for new emails. it takes a few minutes to set up and saves time and effort you’d rather spend elsewhere.

If you want even more control over Gmail, consider creating your own Gmail desktop app that allows you to access it offline.

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