Gmail Attachment Issues And Solutions To Fix Them

Across the world, Google’s Gmail is one of the most popular web-based email clients. Tragically, clients receive a periodic error message when involving connections in gmail. It’s considered the best email service provider in the world, and when you can’t attach files to your gmail, it’s like your best friend has abandoned you.

In this article, we will tell you about how to attach files to a gmail account, problems with gmail attachments and ways to fix them.

how to send attachments on google?

to send the attachments in gmail, you can follow these means (for both windows and macos clients):

  • Type your email by clicking compose on the left tab.
  • Add the recipient’s email address and subject.
  • on the tab of the message, click on the little paper clip in the bottom right corner and select your attachments.
  • When finished uploading, click send.

how to attach files in gmail using iphone, ipad or android?

  • On your cell phone, open the gmail app.
  • Tap compose and choose attach (small pin image).
  • Choose the documents you need to transfer and it’s time to send.

problems with gmail attachments

You might face issues while connecting like gmail freezes when attaching files. this may be due to external applications, it’s probably not using flash and if it is using it it’s not the latest variant, proxy servers and some more.

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solutions for problems with gmail attachments

The attached references are some solutions for you, assuming you face problems connecting gmail:

  • adobe flash player: can’t attach files in gmail and you see error messages when uploading attachments, please make sure you have entered flash. visit adobe flash player to check for updates and download the latest form. Also, make sure the flash is not obstructed on your computer. Assuming your computer’s default program is internet explorer, make sure it’s not in “offline mode”.
  • Check Attachment Size Limit: You need to check the size of the attachment you want to send. to note, you can send logs up to 25mb. to send more than 25mb, gmail will normally create a google drive interface for this instead of including it as an attachment. you can go to gmail attachment settings. you can add attachments to an email anyway expecting it to take a google jump interface, it will be sent as a message in the body.
  • update or change web browser: you should take a look at your web browser. Regardless of anything else, you should know that Gmail is maintained only in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge programs. Little by little, we guarantee that you have the latest version of the web browser.

cannot attach a file in gmail? you can also check for updates directly in the program or by visiting the designer’s site.

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If in one program, your gmail shows a crash, you may also consider changing the program to see if that resolves the issue. At times, you could see that the gmail record association ends up being amazing in an elective program. starting then, open gmail in another program and then connect the record to an email.

  • Turn off web browser proxy: In the unlikely event that you have configured a web browser proxy, this could be causing the gmail connections not showing up issue. so you should try to devastate the intermediary server.
  • disable extensions: gmail account crashes when attaching a file? you can risk disabling extensions. assuming you are using google chrome, you need to go to browser settings and activate more tools. select the extension option and disable them all.
  • disable firewall: you can disable firewall to fix gmail attachment problem:
  1. open run by pressing win key + r hotkey.
  2. enter and press ok after typing ‘firewall’. cpl’ in the open text box.
  3. click turn windows firewall on or off to open the settings shown directly below.
  4. select both options to turn off the firewall windows in the custom settings tab.
  5. The tab will close once you click OK.
  6. Your third-party antivirus software might also have its own firewall. You can disable a third-party firewall by right-clicking the symbol in the antivirus software warning area and choosing to disable or uncheck the option.
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The attached bombed error message also indicates that a firewall may be responsible for the problem. To ensure there is no firewall blockage for email connections, you can briefly disable them.

So, here are some of the things you can try to resolve problems with gmail attachments. For more information about gmail problems and any other email account issues, you can visit blog. they have many support articles on their blog that can help you.

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