Frequently Flooded With Spam Emails In Gmail? Here&039s An Easy Way To Block It

jakarta: Email is a tool that really helps human beings in their daily work, you can still connect with work friends, business associates, distant friends and family through email.

Not only as a means of communication, email is also often used to send digital files privately or to many people at once. today, email is also used to create accounts in e-commerce and social networks.

The ease of sending emails and the fact that many people may have more than one email address means your inbox can quickly fill up with spam.

Although you can unsubscribe through google, you may still receive spam. To overcome this, gmail users can easily block annoying emails.

It’s worth noting that blocking certain email addresses through gmail means you will no longer receive messages from that account in your inbox, until you unblock them yourself.

Usually when you click unsubscribe, the system will send emails again after some time, and blocking emails is a great way to help reduce spam in your inbox. here’s how to block email on gmail quoted in digital trends saturday december 18th.

how to block email in gmail via pc

how to block email in gmail via mobile

how to unlock user

You should not only block this email address, but also file a police report for harassment and request more information about cybersecurity laws in your country.

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