Google 2 – How To Get The 8 Digit Backup Code Of The Google

Almost everyone uses Gmail account. It requires many safety and authentications if you are using it for many purposes. Sometimes while travelling to many countries and using multiple regional Wi-Fi, you should be more careful. Sometimes I heard people got temporarily locked in their Gmail account and asked to re-enter password and corresponded code from Google. Now a question arises, where would they get preprinted backup codes? Well, there is an exclusive way to fix this problem. You can generate codesand saving them in a safe folder would help you to recover your locked Gmail access.

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Get Back Your Locked Gmail Account With Pre-Printed Backup Codes:

Are you using two step verification? Losing your phones, tabs might make you lose your Gmail in this case. Thanks to Gmail’s Backup codes feature. This feature will give you 10 different set of 8 digit numericto get back your lost account . Well, You can use themfor 10 times. Else, the pleasure is that these numeric digitsare also useful for getting your hacked account. So, let’s not more wasting time, know how you will have them.

Sign in to your Gmail account.Hit on the Profile Icon place in the upper right corner.Select My Account button.You will be redirected to My Account Page.Click on Sign-in & Security.Scrolling down a little bit you would find 2-Step Verification. Else, you can directly go there.

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To do it Paste the following link on your browser.

Now, select Verification Codes tab.Now scroll down and click on Backup Codes.Click on Generate Codesbutton. If anyone has already cooked up a set of backup codes, this button would say Show Codes.Now a page will appear where Google would provide a set of 8 digits 10 backup numeric digit.You can have a hard copy by clicking on the Print button. Otherwise to save it, click on Save to Text File button.The file will be named as .txt and save the file on a safe disk of your laptop, in case you lost your hard copy.

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Now, you can use each code for logging into your Gmail once when verification is needed. After using a code write down somewhere the digits of used code and avoid that while you are trying to access your lost account.

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