Changing Name Of My Account : 8 Ball Pool, How To Change Your Email

We”re currently changing the way login types work and interact with your game account.

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Once you create a new account you will be able to select the login type or provider you want to associate:


After creating your account, you will, at any time, be able to link your account to another provider (Facebook, Google, Apple ID) just by accessing the Settings menu in your game.

Open the game using your first login type.Click in the Settings icon.Select the provider you want to link to your account next.Get a confirmation pop-up.Done! 🙂


Please notice that you will only be able to link your account to multiple providers if these are not already linked to another game account!

If a provider is already linked to another account, you will be able to migrate it to your current new one or keep it in your other account. It”s really up to you!

When moving a provider from one Pool account(account 1) to another (account 2), players may only moveone loginat a time.

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Any other logins will remain in the first Pool account.

Attention!! Any specific provider may only be moved from one Pool account to another 1 time.

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So let”s recap (IMPORTANT!):

Facebook, Google and Apple IDaccounts may only be linked to one profile at a time.You may only move any one account 1 time (meaning you can change Facebook account only 1x)You may move account links or providers between different game profiles.If you move a link from an old game profile to a new game profile, you will not be able to access the old profile through that provider. (Facebook, Google, Apple ID).If the old game profile has other linked accounts or a login, those can still be used to access the old account.”


If the old game profile has no remaining linked accounts nor a login, you will lose access to the old profile!

To simply logout from all of your previously linked providers (in that specific game profile), please use the “Logout” button available in your Settings.

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