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It is absolutely essential to protect any online email account because it could be connected to your online banking accounts, personal address, online stores and more. Fortunately, Gmail makes it easy for new users to set up additional security measures.

Since its launch in 2004, Google has added quite a few updates to its well-known email platform, including two-factor authentication (2fa). if you haven’t set up gmail 2fa yet, we recommend doing it like… right now.

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gmail’s 2fa feature will help you keep your account safe and secure. If someone tries to log into your Gmail account from a device they’ve never used before, Google will ask them to enter a security code obtained through a text message or mobile authenticator app along with their password.

In fact, Google recently said that rolling out 2fa to 150 million user accounts cut the rate of account acquisition in half.

Below we have included a handy step-by-step guide to setting up two-factor authentication directly through your gmail app on your ios or android devices. (Here’s how to set up gmail 2fa on a desktop.)

The first part of the instructions shows you how to set up the prompts you can receive from Google right on your phone screen, while the second part shows you how to set up the Google Authenticator app to generate 2FA codes.

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Either method is more secure than sending 2fa codes via text messages, although google will default to that method if allowed.

how to enable two factor authentication in gmail app

google messages, text message/phone call method

1. open your gmail app, select your account and click on manage your google account.

2. scroll right and select the security option from the menu as shown below.

3. Scroll down and tap two-step verification, the google name for two-factor authentication.

4. you will see a brief explanation of the function. touch start.

5. Your first option is to allow Google to send prompts to your phone asking you to approve a login on another device. this is one of the best ways to do 2fa. tap continue.

6. As a backup option, Google wants your mobile number to help you access your account if the first 2fa option fails. you can choose to receive a unique access code via phone call or text message. (the phone call is more secure). choose one and touch send

7. Google will call or text you with a unique code. Enter the code sent to your device and tap the next button once you’re done.

8. voila! You have now successfully completed the process of setting up two factor authentication in gmail. all you have to do now is click activate to finish the process and activate the feature.

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Google Authenticator App method and backup codes

1. You can also choose two additional methods: a series of backup codes and the google authenticator app. we recommend setting both.

2. The first option presents you with 10 backup codes that you can each use once to log into your gmail account in case your phone is out of range. write them down and keep them in a safe and accessible place.

3. You can also use the google authenticator app to generate 2fa verification codes. This will work when your phone is offline, but it’s one of the best ways to do 2fa in general, and it’s safer than getting codes via text.

If you choose this option, you will be asked if you are an android or iphone user. select one and tap next to continue.

4. We selected “iphone”, so we were taken to a page with a clickable download link for the app directly from the app store. Once the authenticator app is downloaded, Google asks you to set up an account and scan the barcode presented to you as shown below.

5. You can then press start while using the app with the process of getting your free verification codes.

6. Once you have scanned the barcode, you will see your email address appear on the screen along with the 6-digit code that you will be prompted to enter once you press next on your screen. Once entered, press verify to continue.

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7. all set! You have now successfully completed setting up another two-factor authentication method in gmail.

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updated with google 2fa implementation results. this story was originally published in June 2021.

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