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If you have a loved one who lives far away, you may find it difficult to choose the perfect birthday or holiday gift to send. some gifts may arrive wrinkled or melted. others may take too long to arrive. We’ve rounded up some of the best gifts to send in the mail so you can always be sure that the gifts you send arrive as expected. read on for more information.

how to send gifts by mail

Living away from your friends and family presents a challenge. you can’t keep showing your loved ones how much you love them. of course you can pick up the phone and call them. however, sometimes you want something a little more, especially when it comes to a birthday or a holiday. when these occasions arise, it’s always a great idea to surprise your loved one with a gift sent by mail.

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Fortunately, you can find many gifts online that you can send directly to your loved ones. By taking a few extra steps, you can also ensure they arrive on time, exactly as expected. to do this, you must first check the reviews. Make sure the reviewers are satisfied with the products and that they arrive on time. Another tip is to always buy through well-established companies. do not order from overnight flight websites. Also, be sure to order early. it will be less susceptible to weather delays, temporary out-of-stock issues, higher-than-normal package volumes, and other issues.

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the 10 best gifts to send by mail

If you’re looking for gifts to send to your loved ones who live far away, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up the top ten gifts to send by mail:

1. fruit bouquet & premium cookie gift pack

Fruit Bouquet & Premium Cookies Gift Bundle

Choose this gift set for the cookie lover in your life. comes with a bouquet of fresh fruit, including strawberries, pineapple margaritas, cantaloupe and more, along with a sweet assortment of six delicious celebration cookies.

cost: $51.98

2. flowering daisies®

Blooming Daisies®

This beautiful arrangement is bursting with fresh strawberries, pineapple margaritas, cantaloupe and much more. makes an impressive presentation and an even more delicious treat. plus, it always arrives fresh and on time.

cost: $69.99

3. 1927 s’mores gourmet s’mores kit

1927 S

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Delight your loved one with a gourmet s’mores kit for a sweet indulgence that your loved one can easily roast over your stove, campfire, or in the fireplace at home. comes with handmade honey graham crackers, four handmade marshmallows, and two bars of bittersweet chocolate.

cost: $24.30

4. novel tea book tins

Novel Tea Book Tins

This elegant and witty gift is perfect for tea lovers and avid readers alike. It comes with teas like oliver lemon twist, matcha do about nothing, war and peach, don quixotea, the picture of earl gray, and pekoe pan.

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cost: $35.00

5. fell asleep here magnetic bookmark

Fell Asleep Here Magnetic Bookmark

Never lose your place again when you fall asleep reading before bed. With this handy bookmark, simply slide the bookmark over the page when you feel your eyelids begin to close.

cost: $20.00

6. extra cozy hygge box

Extra Cozy Hygge Box

This comforting gift box encourages your loved one to slow down and savor the present moment. It comes with a pair of comfy knit socks, a stainless steel straw mug or tumbler, an unscented block candle, a travel journal, a chocolate bar, an herbal tea, coffee beans, and hot chocolate. /p>

cost: $50.00

7. DIY mochi ice cream kit

DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit

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With a tender mochi shell on the outside and creamy ice cream on the inside, this delicious dessert has become an international sensation. With this fun reusable kit, you can make your own mochi at home using your favorite ice cream.

cost: $33.95

8. williams sonoma italian pantry gift box

Williams Sonoma Italian Pantry Gift Crate

This box brings a full Italian dinner to your loved one’s doorstep. it’s packed with barrel-aged balsamic, cold-pressed olive oil, artisanal pasta, Genoese-style pesto, sweet and mild taggiasca olives, and pecorino Romano cheese.

cost: $99.95

9. kit for making bread with pot

Flower Pot Bread Making Kit

Create your own homemade bread with this fun DIY kit. comes with four baking pots plus flour, sugar, salt, yeast, and lavender to make pot bread and lavender butter.

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cost: $38.00

10. microgreens starter grow kit

Microgreens Starter Growing Kit

Add some microgreens to your diet for a nutrient-packed boost. This kit allows your loved one to easily grow them on the kitchen windowsill with dishwasher-safe, self-watering growing trays, end caps, growing mats, seed packets, and an instruction manual.

cost: $45.00

Living away from your friends and family is challenging. don’t let giving gifts add more stress. choose one of these gifts to send in the mail and impress your loved one for the next birthday, holiday, or other gift-giving occasion.

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