Getting rid of “show quoted text”

Whenever you chose to reply, Gmail adds the original message below your mail as an indented quote. You cannot bởi much customizations with Gmail quoted replies but there are few formatting techniques that we can use lớn draft better replies.

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#. How lớn remove greater than symbol “>” from mail trails?

When mail conversations happen between various programs (Gmail, Outlook, Apple), each of them apply a special character to indicate start of the original message & its depth in hierarchy. Outlook prefixes each line with greater than symbol “>” while Apple uses Vertical Bar “|” which makes quoted nội dung distinctive but also difficult khổng lồ read.


To remove sầu these characters, head over to this or this tool. Paste your nội dung & format it lớn original readable text.

#. How khổng lồ remove sầu quoted entire mail chain while replying?



Unfortunately, you will have to manually remove sầu the entire reply chain. First clichồng on 3 dots lớn display entire chain, then press Ctrl+A to select all text và then press delete key. I wish there was a easy way khổng lồ not quote text as in Gmail’s app android phầm mềm.

#. How to lớn include your signature before quoted reply?


By default, Gmail will include your signature at end of the mail which will be mostly ignored. If you want to include it just after your reply, go khổng lồ Gmail settings > General > Signature section and select the option “Insert this signature before quoted text in replies và remove the dashes that precedes it”

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#. How lớn quote only a specific part of the mail or reply inline?


Often, quoting entire mail content is unnecessary and we just need to lớn include only few lines in our reply. In such situations of replying inline, we should make use of “Quote Selected Text” lab feature.

Go to lớn Gmail Setting > Labs and enable “Quote Selected Text”. Save sầu and then refresh Gmail’s window.

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Now, highlight the words you want to lớn quote và then cliông chồng the reply button. Only the selected words will be quoted.

#. How khổng lồ reply automatically only lớn selected email addresses?

Vacation auto-responder replies to all the incoming mails. But if you want lớn selectively auto- reply only khổng lồ few people, then you can use the canned response feature along with filters.

First, go khổng lồ Gmail settings > Labs and enable Canned Response feature. Save settings và refresh the page. Now, go khổng lồ Gmail settings > Filters & create a new filter by specifying gmail addresses & then selecting “Send Canned Response” in next screen.

Once the filter is mix up, your mailbox will automatically reply to selected tin nhắn addresses.

#. Can replies be tracked?

Yes, you can traông xã if your tin nhắn has been read or not.

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#. How lớn strike through text when you reply

The only method is khổng lồ strike through the text in Microsoft Word or other word utility and then paste it in Gmail’s reply box. Though this method is painful, but unfortunately it’s the only triông xã in the box.

# Can you use more fonts than provided in Gmail?

Yes, you can use all Windows fonts in Gmail by following our guide to change default fonts in Gmail. But please be cautious that the recipients also uses Windows else the message text will get garbled.

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