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Over the past two years, several companies have started giving away survival kits. you may be a little skeptical, and I don’t blame you. there is a catch: you have to pay the shipping cost. but other than that, these products are completely free.

Companies do this in the hope that you’ll buy other products or sign up for one of their survival courses, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. so if you’re trying to buy survival gear but don’t have a lot of money, you should check out these products.

I searched the internet and compiled a list of all the free survival gear I could find. They come from companies like survival ape, survival frog, survival kit and survival life, but there are many others. you can see my full list of free survival items below.

I organized the products by category in case there is a certain type of item you are looking for. If you hear of any free survival products that aren’t on this page, please let me know!

Full disclosure: I get a commission if you order one of the items below, but the cost is the same to you either way. now to the list…

books and dvds

alive after crisis: Not sure how to survive a major crisis? Grab this survival guide while it’s still free. will teach you everything you need to know.

Alone and Fearless: Former CIA Officer Jason Hanson’s Patriot Defense Survival Guide.

Behind the Shadows: Find out who really has power in America and what you can do about it.

*new!* • build your own doomsday retreat: hard-earned secrets on how to build a very cheap retreat.

Deadly Needle Knife Tactics: Learn secret knife fighting tactics from a CIA officer.

Escape Bag Model: Former CIA Officer Jason Hanson’s Patriot Defense Survival Guide.

goat system: this dvd shows you the “goats” (equipment, organization and transportation system).

how to build a secluded, covert safe house, away from the prying eyes of the government.

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*new!* • natural remedy book: use everyday ingredients and herbs to make healing remedies.

Book of Espionage Secrets: A CIA officer reveals secrets that could save his life.

fire starters

*new!* • evalast fire clip: the ultimate edc fire starter that fits on your keychain.

everstryke match: a waterproof iron rod lighter that is good for up to 15,000 strikes.

everystryke pro – a mini lighter that works even if completely submerged in water.

fire striker: a 4-in-1 tool with a magnesium lighter, a saw, a compass and an emergency whistle.

firekable: a durable parachute bracelet with a built-in iron bar and firing pin.

firearms accessories and information

ar 308 dvd: how to legally build your own untraceable ar-1o style semi-automatic “sniper rifle”.

ar gun home defense dvd: black ops secrets to protect yourself and your home with the ar gun.

Draw Guns: A former CIA officer explains what weapons and gear you need to survive in the harshest environments.

*new!* • build your own silencer: how to legally build your own military grade silencers and shtf.

clp gun oil: this synthetic gun oil has been approved for use by the us. uu. army.

Gun Survival Guide: Learn to protect your gun rights and gain your ammo independence no matter what gun hoarders try.

*new!* • ghost 1911 dvd: how to legally build your own .45 acp “ghost 1911” pistol.

ghost glock: this dvd teaches you how to legally build a 9mm glock pistol in less than an hour.

gun cleaning kit – kit of seven pieces. ideal for areas of difficult access.

Gun Magnet – Place this magnet on the underside of a desk or table. it will hold your weapon in place and then you can quickly grab it if there is an intruder.

*new!* • legally hiding your guns from the government: Make sure the law is on your side before gun thieves come after you.

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Gun Bag: A black tactical bag with a strong handle, adjustable strap, metal zippers, a side pouch, and plenty of storage space.

red dot sight: become the king of the shooting range. You can’t miss it!

10/22 underground system: how to legally build your own untraceable 10/22 “survival rifle”.


*new!* • black rhino knife: a tough-as-nails folding knife that will never break.

Knife with Carabiner: Replace your ordinary carabiner with one that includes a knife, screwdriver, bottle opener and more.

edc coin knife: looks like a key chain accessory but unfolds into a sharp knife.

Money Clip Knife: This is the most discreet way to carry a knife. It has a chrome finish, a folding blade, and a razor-sharp edge.


*new!* • camping lantern: a solar charging lantern with built-in power bank to charge devices.

Ghost Vapor Flashlight – A high quality, bright tactical flashlight.

hybeam tactical flashlight: the original hybeam mini flashlight that can also be used as a weapon.

q5 taclite: a small, rugged flashlight with aircraft-grade aluminum construction and adjustable zoom to 1100 feet.

*new!* • solar air lantern: charges during the day, lights up your campsite at night, and takes up little space.

Solar Power Pack: Comes with a dry bag, a solar charger, and a solar flashlight.


American Flag Face Covering – Show your patriotism while wearing a face mask.

American Woods Face Shield – Perfect for hunting, fishing, or urban survival.

blackops tacwatch – military style “smart watch” works in extreme weather conditions.

*new!* • evatac tactical backpack: a rugged tactical backpack with compartments for everything you need.

Emergency Sleeping Bag: This tiny bag can keep you warm when it gets really cold outside.

*new!* emergency survival jacket: keeps you warm and dry whatever the weather.

First aid kit: includes basic first aid supplies such as bandages, scissors, alcohol wipes, medical tape, etc.

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ipac t-shirt: an attractive cotton t-shirt that allows you to proclaim your rights under the second amendment.

*new!* • kn95 masks: masks have become mandatory at all major retailers. if you don’t want to buy one, get one for free.

*new!* • gigantic tactical backpack: a rugged military-grade backpack that won’t let you down.

nasa survival blanket: extremely light but provides plenty of warmth and protection from wind and rain. it can be folded and fit in your pocket.

cards: these are not your ordinary cards; they also have printed survival tips. this is a fun way to review and teach important survival information.


fireable paracord bracelet: a stylish paracord bracelet with a built-in iron bar and firing pin.

paracord grenade: a survival kit with 10 feet of paracord, a carabiner, a fire starter, tinder, and a small straw.

Paracord Survival Kit: This kit includes a knife, fire starter, tinder, fishing line, hooks, and more.


7-in-1 survival whistle: a multi-tool with whistle, light, compass, thermometer, mirror, magnifying glass and storage container.

All-in-one multitool: folds up small enough to hide in your fist, but unfolds into pliers and knives.

car safety tool: a car rescue tool with a whistle, glass breaker and seat belt cutter.

stinger spy pen: a high quality tactical pen that even writes underwater.

strikepen: this tactical pen is also a knife, a bottle opener, a hex key, a flathead screwdriver and a led flashlight!

survival business card: a wallet-sized multi-tool that includes a knife, screwdriver, wrench, bottle opener, ruler, and more.

survival saw: This saw fits easily in your bug out bag, but it can cut down a fairly large tree. this is essential for survival in the wild.

Tactical Pen: Looks and works like an ordinary pen, but has a glass-breaking tip that can be used as a weapon.

*new!* • trs jack multitool: the world’s toughest “bulletproof” multitool.

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