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Looking for free essential oil samples? We’ve put together this guide to help you find the best deals, as well as a few things to keep in mind when taking advantage of free essential oil sample deals you find online.

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what’s the problem?

Before we get into where to find free essential oil samples, it’s important to remember the reason most companies or individuals offer something for free: to get something from you in the future.

Whoever is giving out the free sample wants your contact information so they can advertise or contact you to sell you essential oils (young living and doterra’s mlm business model).

If you are not interested in receiving this type of communication, be careful about the contact information you choose to share.

essential oil companies that give free samples

Here’s an up-to-date list of essential oil companies that give out free samples. most of these offers require a small purchase or that you cover shipping & handling cost. These offers are often for a limited time and may be updated or discontinued without notice.

jade flower

jade bloom offers up to $30 in reward points when you complete jade bloom college courses. That means you can get $30 worth of free products for just $4.85 in shipping! (Free shipping requires a purchase of $35 or more.)

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jade bloom also offers 1ml sample sizes of many of their products, so you can try several different oils for just $4.85 shipping.

Go to jadebloom.com and click on the “university” menu link to start earning your free reward points.

Jade Bloom - Website homepage screenshot - How to get free essential oil samples

  • Barefut – Try 2 free oils (pay shipping). *Offer currently inactive.
  • Favospa – Get a free bottle of their Relax blend.
  • Eden Botanicals – Requires $20 purchase. Get up to 6 free samples with each order.
  • Airomystic – 3 free blends + free shipping.
  • TruGardens – Free Lavender essential oil sample bottle.

Large essential oil companies, such as Rocky Mountain Oils, Eden’s Garden, Plant Therapy, Revive, Now Solutions, Aura Cacia, Virtruvi, and others, do not typically offer free samples. But these companies also often have very good return policies, so there’s usually no risk in trying a new essential oil or brand to see if you like it or not.

how to request free samples of essential oils from young living and doterra

young living and doterra are the two largest essential oil companies in the world. Both are multi-level marketing companies, which means that they sell to their customers through a network of sales representatives and distributors.

This means that many of these reps are looking to sell essential oils and find people interested in selling essential oils “under” them. Many reps are happy to send free essential oil samples in the mail, if it means they can find potential customers and even potential recruits.

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here are some of these representatives who offer free samples of essential oils from young living and doterra online.

free samples of young living

  • spread peace
  • mr. simons
  • blatant direct

doterra free samples

  • summer acres
  • oil with us
  • we love essential oils
  • corona & virtue
  • my oil guide
  • grit & beauty

again, it’s important to remember the trick. These free samples are usually offered in the hope that you will purchase from them in the near future, or even sign up to sell essential oils as part of their team.

If you want to avoid a situation where you are contacted or advertised, choose wisely what contact information you share. some people choose to have a separate email address that they use for promotional offers like this.

other places to look for essential oil samples

While you won’t find “free” essential oil samples in many places online, here are a few other places you can look for essential oils in small sample sizes and at low prices.

  • etsy: Search for “essential oil samples” and you’ll find several etsy sellers offering essential oils in sample sizes.
  • amazon: again, you won’t find anything really ‘free’ on amazon, but a quick search for ‘essential oil samples’ brings up a ton of essential oil kits, packs, sets, and more that are very cheap.

set of 6 oils – pure aroma

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Do you know of any other places where I can find low-priced or free quality essential oil sample deals? tell us in the comments!

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