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So, you’ve been thinking about changing your hair color for a while, but haven’t fully committed to a brand or even a color yet.

If you want to try something new, but aren’t ready to go all out, this list of places that send free hair color samples will help you achieve that new desired look in no time.

where to get hair color samples online

1. ugly duckling hair color tube

the ugly duckling is known for creating hair coloring products with argan oil, the ingredient responsible for ensuring excellent hair condition without compromising the vibrancy of hair color.

To get a free tube of hair color from them, simply join their mailing list or message them directly on instagram or other social media channels.

2. the henna boys

The henna dyes from this store are perfect for those with sensitive skin and scalps, as they are made from raw, vegan, and all-natural ingredients. gluten-free ingredients.

Henna Guys Shop offers free hair color samples for all of their products, which are featured in their free sample collections. however, for fair sampling, they only restrict one sample per customer. To claim a free sample, go to their “samples page” and simply follow the detailed instructions. Please note that a minimum of $2.95 will be charged for shipping and handling.

You can also message or call them directly if you have further questions and concerns.

3. lightening powder joico blond life

joico is giving away a free sample of its blond life lightening powder to hair enthusiasts. however, to qualify, one must own or be affiliated with a salon.

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simply fill out the application form on their site and make sure you fill in all the necessary information before hitting the “submit” button.

4. glamor framecolor

If you’re a licensed barber or cosmetologist, you can take advantage of Framesi’s free Framcolor Glamor permanent hair color sample. the gift has a value of $20 and contains the following:

  • two shades of framcolor glam
  • 16 oz 20 volume activator
  • wall chart
  • stylist reference guide

sign up for a free sample by simply completing their sample request form.

5. l’oreal paris colorista hair makeup

Call now for free l’oreal colorista hair makeup in exchange for a public review. To continue with the sample, you need to connect your facebook account or email. and you may also be asked to connect your other social media accounts.

another way to keep an eye out for this freebie is by liking l’oreal paris’ facebook page and visiting their website from time to time. If you don’t get a chance to rate this sample, you’ll likely get other equally valuable limited-time offers from L’oreal.

6. free splat hair dye from points of view

Have a chance of getting splash-free hair dye samples in the mail if you promise to write an honest review afterwards. this offer is made possible through the viewpoints. To get started, they must first have some information about you, and if selected, they will contact you for more details.

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click the “sign up for samples” button and fill in the necessary information.

7. arctic fox

the arctic fox is famous for its hair colors and other hair essentials that are available online. And while they are not directly giving away free samples to anyone, there is another way to get some freebies from them. Like other brands, arctic fox also has a rewards program where loyal customers can use earned points to redeem some products.

Join your rewards program now to start earning points. And before you know it, you’re eligible for free full-size products, including hair color samples.

8. schwarzkopf professional

schwarzkopf professional also rewards customer loyalty with free products, tools and/or education. sign up for free myskp today and start earning points with your purchase.

9. beauty hair color

At the time of writing, you can enjoy an extra full-size bottle of gorgeous hair color if you buy one. In short, Color Play is running a limited-time “buy 1 get 1” sale on all of their hair beauty products.

another way to enjoy your gifts is by registering a free account (which automatically gives you 100 points as a welcome bonus). Once registered, you can start earning points for every purchase and redeem your points for exciting offers.

In addition to purchasing products, members can also earn 300 points on their birthday and 20 points for each approved product review on their website.

10. ultra beauty

get the best ulta beauty rewards when you create a free account today. some of the member perks are faster checkout, access to exclusive bonus point offers, and then use of points toward any product (including hair color) or beauty service.

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See their website for more information on their rewards program, how points are added, and the ultimate benefits of being a member.

11. professional paul mitchell

Sign up for paul mitchell pro, the brand’s digital hub exclusively for salon professionals, and be part of a global community fueled by the same passion and creativity for salon-related art.

plus, by joining the group, you can earn points through its rewards program and redeem points for products at the paul mitchell digital mall. Of course, some of the hair care products you can claim in exchange for points earned are hair dyes and other hair care essentials.

To register, simply provide the necessary information on your online registration form.

the end result

Sporting a new hair color is an exciting way to ring in the new year, and it can also be a lot of fun when paired with a new hairstyle. But if you don’t feel comfortable spending hundreds of dollars on this gift, try ordering free hair color samples from the list above. and you can also check out my post on how to get free hair samples.

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