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A clean place is a safe place, not to mention it smells great too. And with the current climate, there’s no better time to be tougher on cleanliness, starting of course with our homes.

The thing is, cleaning supplies can add to your spending at the grocery store, especially today when we need to clean more often. Therefore, I have decided to look for brands that give away samples of cleaning products to help us save during this health crisis, without compromising health and safety.

I also have similar articles that aim to help lower our expenses these days while protecting ourselves from the virus. Check out my posts on how to get free face masks, gloves, and supplement samples.

get free cleaning products from the following brands:

If you’re still wondering how to get free cleaning supplies, I think it’s time you didn’t worry about it. Here are some sites that give away free samples of laundry detergent and other cleaning products:

1. persil

Take persil’s deep cleaning challenge and get a free oxi disc sample today. This offer is available in the United States through December 12, 2020 or while supplies last.

Claim your free sample by simply logging in, agreeing to the rules, answering a few questions, and entering your shipping details.

2. doterra

doterra is giving away free samples of its most popular blends, on-call essential oils. some might wonder why this is part of this list, and I can’t blame them. for anyone who hasn’t tried doterra on guard essential oil, however, it is also used in household surface cleaning due to its cleansing and purifying properties.

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Claim your free sample kit today by entering your name, email address and shipping address on the sample request form.

3. zolex

Zolex Hand Cleaner is one of the best petroleum-free, non-toxic, heavy-duty hand cleaners on the market today, as backed up by customer testimonials on their website. And to prove it, they’re giving away free samples to anyone in need.

According to the product description, their water-activated hand cleaner is most useful for mechanics, electricians, plumbers, painters, or anyone else who always has greasy hands from work.

To claim the free sample, simply add to cart and checkout as usual, and pay for the stamp. And in addition to the free sample, testers will also get a 10% promo code that they can use towards their next purchase.

4. trinova

trinova has several cleaning products to try for free. To enjoy the sampling opportunities, you just need to sign up for their VIP list. In addition to free samples, VIP members are also entitled to exclusive discounts and content.

sign up for the trinova vip list today to start enjoying the benefits.

5. alconox

Alconox is giving away approximately 2 gallons (7.6 L) of detergent solution for each sample request. however, they do not send samples to p.o. cash register. therefore, please enter a valid business shipping address for the free sample.

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Companies can also request a larger sample size by specifying on the form. To submit a sample request, simply enter a name, company name, business address, and answer a few questions that might help them with their detergent selection.

once the sample has been tested, the tester only needs to answer a questionnaire, which can give you an entry into a raffle to win a pair of airpods.

6. real kleen

truekleen’s free sample is only available to business customers, but residential customers will receive a discount code to purchase the product on their website.

To submit a sample request, simply enter your name, company name, email address, and shipping address. and you have to choose which of their products you will try from the drop-down menu.

7. rocking green

Interested testers can choose from two rockin’ green sampler kits available for $5.95 each.

technically, the price covers shipping and packaging costs. And testers don’t have to worry about spending almost $6 for each sample because Rockin’ Green is also giving away a coupon worth $5.95 off a future order. therefore, the sample kit is basically free.

To get a sample kit, start by choosing between their Active Laundry Sample Kit and Laundry Detergent Sample Kit. Once you’ve decided, click add to cart and proceed to checkout as usual.

8. charlie’s soap

charlie’s soap is giving away four cleaning supplies for the price of one. For every one gallon of Interior/Exterior Surface Cleaner you purchase, you can get the following:

  • one indoor/outdoor gallon (item #11401)
  • one travel size laundry pre-spray pen (item #13101)
  • a travel size kitchen & bath pen (item #12101)
  • free shipping
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To activate the discount, don’t forget to put the coupon code “fall20” inside the prescribed box. this is what your checkout page should look like.

9. collaborative grove

grove collaborative is all about natural cleaning and sustainable home and personal essentials. and they are offering a free lady. meyer cleaning kit for each buyer’s first order. Go ahead and claim the offer on their website.

At time of writing, they require a $30 minimum order to qualify for gifts worth $16.77 and also free shipping on $4.99.

Are you looking for something else?

So aren’t these nine brands enough to help boost your household cleaning products?

if so, you can check out my separate article on how to get free household products.

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