USPS First Class Package

If you’ve ever needed to ship a package quickly and conveniently, you’ve probably wondered what the easiest and most convenient delivery option is. Especially when your package weighs less than a pound, you probably want to manage it quickly and cheaply.

turns out one of the most affordable and fastest options is usps first class parcel service. what is usps first class package what is the delivery time of usps first class package? let’s dig into it!

what is usps first class parcel service?

usps first class package is one of the usps services that allows you to ship lightweight packages weighing up to 15,999 ounces. If you use USPS First Class, you must ship your items in a plain or branded envelope, poly mailer, or box. Please note that the use of USPS-branded packaging when shipping through the Service is prohibited.

You can ship your packages anywhere in the United States (and U.S. Territories, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands), p.o. boxes and many apo/fpo/dpo destinations. Compared to Priority Mail and Select Ground Parcel, First Class Parcel offers greater cost savings.

The service typically offers nationwide delivery within three days (or even less in most cases), which is similar to USPS Priority Mail. tracking is included at no extra charge. in addition to the first class package, the following services are also considered “first class”:

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