How to Export Apple Mail to Windows Outlook?

If you are looking for a way to export apple mail to windows outlook, you can easily achieve it through this article. all you need to do is export apple emails in mbox format and convert this file to pst with a simple process.

mail app is the native email app for macos. currently supports imap, pop3, smtp, s/mime, and exchange protocols. Thus, it allows you to easily set up Gmail, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, etc. accounts. it can even be configured to use an exchange account. apple mail stores all your emails in mbox file format.

while microsoft outlook is an email client available for windows and mac. incorporates an intuitive interface full of advanced filters and security protocols. Outlook uses the pst file to store all the components of your mailbox.

content in this article:

  1. technical restriction between apple mail & outlook
  2. generating an mbox file from the mail app & move to windows
  3. how to export apple mail to windows outlook

technical restriction between apple mail & perspective

The main reason why this type of email migration is such a complex task is the incompatibility of apple mail and ms outlook database files. For one thing, the Mail app uses a single file with an .mbox extension to store multiple emails and attachments. ms outlook on the other hand uses pst files to store emails, attachments, calendars, contacts and tasks all in one file.

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Also, neither of these two email clients incorporates a native option to transfer mbox files to the outlook platform. In addition, the fact that the migration is carried out from one operating system (mac) to another operating system (windows) adds to the risk factor.

generate apple mail messages as a single file

For a normal user, locating and selecting the “required emails” is an important part of the migration cycle. after all, no conversion can take place without any data. and selecting wrong data will only hinder the user’s effort and time. each email app stores data in different locations. in the case of apple mail, you can find the store in the following location:


Note that the v6 folder is present in mac os mojave. in other versions of the operating system, the number ‘6’ will be replaced by other numbers like 5,4,3,2 depending on the version of mac.

to open this location:

  • open a browser window and select go > go to the folder from the menu bar
  • type ~/library/mail and navigate to subfolders for files saved with .mbox extensions.
  • move these files from mac os to windows for the next step.


In addition to browsing the default location, you can also export apple mail messages using the native “export mailbox” option. for this follow the given steps.

  1. open the mail app and select the folder you want to migrate.
  2. right-click in and choose the option export mailbox…
  3. select the location to save these emails
  4. repeat the steps for all the folders you want to export</li
  5. copy the saved .mbox mailbox files and move them to a windows pc. you can take the help of cloud storage or usb devices for this task.

how to export apple mail to windows outlook?

Once you have transferred apple messages to windows system, you can use professional software for further conversion. systools mbox to pst converter can easily migrate all your mailboxes to pst format without any data loss. incorporates the option to select apple mail from its interface for dedicated conversion of all apple emails. Plus, it has the ability to migrate files in bulk, saving you time and effort. The program handles the encoding of emails so that they are perfectly readable in windows outlook.

Important: Please note that the solution provided is a windows-based application. therefore, moving messages from mac os to windows is required first. If you want to go through the conversion in mac mail and move the converted files to windows outlook on another system, please search for the mac variant on the systools website.

Simple steps to easily export apple mail messages to windows outlook pst are as follows:

  • Step 1: Start the systools mbox converter for windows and click add file option.
  • step 2: select mac mail from the list and press next to open the browser window
  • step 3: now add the apple mailbox files that you migrated from mac os
  • step 4: preview all emails and attachments
  • step 5: choose pst as the export type and press the export button > to migrate apple mail to windows outlook pst.

pst file generated by the tool is compatible with windows outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 without readability issues. you can use the native import/export option provided in ms outlook to import these pst files and work with the data the way you want.

final verdict

Using a professional solution greatly simplifies the entire email migration procedure. And the utility provided to export apple mail to windows outlook even takes care of any encoding changes. thus keeping all your data perfectly intact and giving you results free from any data loss. please comment if you have any problem with the given solution. and I will reach you in the shortest possible time.

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