European Mail Order Brides For Marriage: Get A European Wife In 2022

european girlfriend for marriage

Have you ever heard of Eastern European mail order brides? If the answer is yes, you probably understand how popular European brides for marriage are among American men. European mail order brides (both Western and Eastern European brides) are surrounded by stereotypes and myths—and if you want something more than stereotypes, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Continue reading to find the truth about European wives!

why are european wives so popular?

Europe is the second most popular region in the world for international marriages. European mail-order wives are second only to Asian brides, which is hardly surprising considering the population of these two parts of the continent.

If you’re going to find a European girl for marriage, you’ve probably heard something about traditional, beautiful and very feminine mail order brides from Europe. While this is very close to the truth, it’s still not the whole truth, and it’s certainly not the only reason you need to find a wife from Europe. there are at least 3 more reasons to focus on European brides.

European mail order women are very different

These ladies are not a homogeneous group. What is much less obvious is that it is possible to find a woman with any set of characteristics, character traits and values ​​in Europe. If you prefer traditional and family-focused women, Slavic countries will be the right choice for you. Do you want to find a hard-working, intelligent and career-oriented European bride? then western and northern europe is what you need (german wives and swedish brides in particular). Do you prefer fun, feminine and outgoing ladies? So, you need to focus on southern European mail order brides. you have an extremely wide choice when it comes to European girls for marriage.

European ladies speak English

are culturally close to American culture. Both the cultural and language barriers can be a serious problem. the language barrier makes it impossible to fully communicate and understand each other, the cultural barrier makes it difficult for a man to understand a foreign girlfriend and for a woman to adapt to a new society. this problem is often underestimated, but it can be a real deal breaker. so it’s great that you don’t have to work it out with brides from eastern and western europe.

european mail order bride for american men

European beauties don’t care about your money

Don’t get us wrong, in no way do we mean that women from other regions just want your money. It’s not true and there are many Asian and Latin postcard brides who don’t care about your money. income or citizenship. however, it remains a common fear of those looking for a mail order bride, and with European mail order brides, you don’t have to worry at all. These women don’t need to leave their countries because of the harsh economic conditions, their countries are often not that poor, and they usually have a job and can afford things. They want to meet American men because they think American men make better husbands, not because they want to live a better life in the United States. that’s why you can be sure that a European bride is interested in your personality, not your bag.

the 3 best European countries to find a wife

Europe is home to different nationalities, which are frankly amazing but equally different. most western men go to eastern europe, central europe or western europe when looking for a girlfriend. Here are the top 3 countries to find European brides.

1. ukraine

Ukraine is by far the most popular country in Europe for international dating, and for good reason. Ukrainian brides have everything you may be looking for in a partner. they are impressive, organized and well educated. If you decide to visit Ukraine to find your Ukrainian soulmate, make sure you visit these three cities and meet local brides:

  • kyiv, the capital of ukraine and home to ambitious and determined women;
  • odesa, a southern city by the black sea where beautiful and fun women live;
  • lviv, a cultural center of ukraine where you will find family-oriented traditional women.
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2. poland

Polish brides are the perfect combination of Slavic and Western characteristics. Just like Slavic women, Polish women have beautiful features and prefer natural makeup. And just like Western women, Polish brides understand the value of family and are determined to marry only once, which is why they are so particular about choosing the right foreign husband.

3. germany

Germany is a country of strong and resourceful women. German brides know exactly what they want to achieve in life, but more importantly, they know how to get there. it is not uncommon for German women to first approach men or even propose marriage. dating or being married to a German bride, you will always feel that she is your equal partner.

European brides: appearance

Have you heard that European brides are extremely attractive? this is 100% true. here we will talk about its beauty in more detail.

they are naturally beautiful

we are talking about climate, genetics, diets and many other reasons. Thanks to all these factors, modern European brides look extremely attractive. Their skin color, hair color, height, and eye color may be different, but they all have fit bodies, beautiful faces, and smooth skin.

they know everything about makeup

This is especially true when it comes to Slavic women who often don’t even leave their homes without some form of makeup on their faces. But it’s actually not about Eastern European brides only—women from the whole Europe know how to use makeup to look even more attractive!

European brides: personality

The personal traits of European brides are another reason why they are so popular with American men. Let’s talk about the most important.

ambitious and feminine

European mail order wives are hardworking and very feminine – they combine these two qualities and this makes them unique. by the way, the balance sometimes changes: Slavic girls tend to be more feminine, Scandinavian women are generally more ambitious and career-oriented).

traditional and loyal

European women make excellent wives because they tend to have more traditional values ​​regarding family and gender roles than American women. This is especially true when it comes to brides from southern and eastern Europe.

Why do European women for marriage look for foreign men?

They have their own reasons, but above all, it’s about American men: Many European mail order brides think that men from the United States are more loyal and respectful than men from their countries. they often think that American men generally make better husbands, that’s why they become mail-order brides.

marrying a european bride: a complete guide

European bride

No matter how much you may enjoy serious relationships with women from different countries in Europe, marriage and family life are probably your ultimate goal. Here is how to get a European wife in four perfectly doable steps.

What kind of couples are European brides?

Life with a European bride will be full of positive surprises as there are many reasons why so many Western men prefer to marry European women. however, it is also natural for such men to research the best characteristics of European wives to know what to expect from the union. this is the kind of match that European brides make with Western gentlemen.

attitude towards husband

Respect and adoration for their partners is in the blood of European brides. These women will never marry someone they don’t feel crazy about, and that’s what makes them so respectful and loving as partners.

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A European woman will always notice when you’re not feeling your best, and she’ll always do whatever she can to make you feel better. your European girlfriend will always have time to listen to your stories and defend you from anyone who attacks you.


Housework is where European brides really shine. Unlike many Western women, who believe that chores should be done by both spouses or even relegated to a third party, European women are ready to do most, if not all, and never complain about it.

This is simply the way things are done in most European families. the woman is responsible for a tidy house, clean clothes and delicious food on the table. And even the trendiest European brides are in no hurry to change that.

intimate life

European women are sensual and love their partners. that’s why they want to make them feel better than ever. these ladies are not selfish in bed, and they always give it their all. Chances are you’ve never had a more receptive and active lover than a European bride, and your intimate life will certainly change for the better when you meet her.

maternal qualities

For most European brides, a family is never complete until there is at least one child, but preferably two or three. European women are born to be mothers, and nothing will stop them on their way to achieving their goals. European ladies are warm and caring mothers who can strike the perfect balance between nurturing their children and giving them the freedom to learn, which is a rare quality these days.

leisure & entertainment

Life with a European girlfriend is peaceful and calm. however, it is never boring. These women know not only how to entertain themselves, but also how to make things fun for their families.

When you’re together with a European bride, you’ll discover new ways to spend time that you didn’t even know were possible, let alone would be something you’d enjoy. A European mail-order bride is someone who will always find something new and fun to do on the weekend or organize a surprise vacation when they feel burned out from work.


Attitudes towards work differ among women in various parts of Europe. A girl from Western Europe will probably want to work, as these women relish the opportunity to apply their talents and contribute to the family budget.

a central european woman can go anywhere when it comes to work. She can work full time if her family needs an additional source of income, but she will be much happier if she works part time or not at all and can spend as much time as possible with her family.

and for eastern european brides, the best possible family situation is when the man is the main breadwinner and the woman is free to do what she does best: take care of the family, cook delicious meals and practice their hobbies.


How much does a European mail order wife cost?

European mail order wife

When looking for your perfect match from Europe, you obviously care about the success and the future of your relationship the most. However, international dating costs money, especially if you want your journey to be as successful as possible. This is why Western men should be prepared for certain expenses when it comes to meeting European wives online.

There are two types of expenses you will need to cover: the cost of online dating and the cost of meeting your girlfriend in real life. The first part of your budget will consist of several elements:

  • premium membership on a dating site
  • additional features like video chat
  • virtual and physical gifts you can send directly to the woman
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For most guys, the cost of using a dating site for a month will be between $50 and $300. then, once you find someone close to her heart, it’s time for the first date in real life, which will most likely take place in the country of the bride. here, your expenses will include:

  • plane tickets
  • hotel
  • food
  • entertainment
  • transportation
  • gifts
  • visa fees

Depending on the country and other factors, a 14-day trip can cost you between $3,000 and $6,000. Learn more about the cost of a mail order bride in our detailed guide.

marrying a European bride: a guide

  • Look for a good European dating website. Read all the reviews you can find to make sure the site you’ve found is actually legit.
  • Chat with a European mail order bride, but don’t wait too long to ask her out on a date. The process isn’t as fast as with American dating apps, of course, but you don’t need to wait. months to make an appointment.
  • Get to know her. It is extremely important that you get to know each other within 2 years before applying for a K-1 visa, and it is highly recommended to spare any evidence possible of meeting in person, for example, flight itineraries, photos, emails, etc. All of these things will make it easier for your European girlfriend to get her visa in the future, so the more face-to-face meetings, the better.
  • once you get your visa, you can enter the united states and finally you will be able to marry her. after that, you will be able to apply for a green card.

which country to choose?

Do you want to marry a European woman but you don’t know which country to choose? do the short test:

Which of these sounds better to you:

  1. traditional, family-focused woman
  2. ambitious, career-oriented woman
  3. emotional and very feminine woman

Which of these statements is closest to you:

  1. I can provide 100% for a family and my wife doesn’t need to work
  2. it’s fine when a woman earns more than a husband
  3. the best woman is the woman with which you will never get bored

choose a dish:

  1. borscht and pierogi
  2. kanelbulle and julekake
  3. pizza and paella

We think it became obvious in the second question! If you have 3 “A” answers, Ukraine and Poland are the best countries for you. 3 “b” answers? then, you can not miss the Scandinavian brides. do you have three c’s? the countries of southern europe (spain and italy) are what you are looking for!

top 3 tips for dating a european girlfriend

Every European bride is unique, Western and Eastern European brides obviously have different dating cultures, so it seems almost impossible to find some advice on dating European women for marriage. however, it is not 100% impossible, and we can safely say that the following tips will work very well in any European country with any European bride.

  • dress your best. It’s not a rule unique to Europe, of course, but it’s extremely important to look neat (not necessarily “expensive”, just neat and tidy).
  • treat your European girlfriend with respect and be a gentleman. You also need to pay for meals, especially if we’re talking about Southern and Eastern European mail order wives.
  • Always be confident. must show that you feel safe and comfortable enough. just be positive, be curious and, most importantly, be yourself – this is how you will win the heart of any European bride, whether she is from Western, Northern or Eastern Europe.

european lady for sale


both western and eastern european wives are great. they are attractive, loyal, traditional, intelligent and very interesting to talk to, and you just need to talk to them and find out how beautiful and charming they are. Get started online today and meet your date soon!

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