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This popular email client is designed to meet almost any need you may have when trying to keep up with email. eudora includes support for ldap, automatic configuration, and support for graphics within messages. eudora also allows regular expressions in filters and features an automatic spell checker, as well as a voice option that will even read your email out loud. other features include imap support, the ability to display animated gifs in html messages, and automatic background mail retrieval.

spam clock

spamwatch is a powerful tool in eudora 6 and above to help you stop spam.


This new feature combats “phishing” schemes that use disguised URLs to collect personal information. eudora now detects if the url in the link suspiciously differs from the hostname and warns you to be careful before making the connection.


the leading standard in email security and encryption.

improved images

improved functionality to sync and access email from multiple computers and locations.


24 new originally designed emoticons (not in light mode).

web words

webwords combines email and web search.

content hub

content hub is a new tool in eudora 6 to help make messages more readable.

advanced contextual file matching

select a word (or words) within a message and with one click you can archive it to a folder or mailbox of the same name or one containing that word.

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mac os x importer and address book sync

easy import from apple mail to eudora. eudora now takes advantage of the apple address book to provide the best of all email and address features.

imap mailbox sync

eudora allows users to specify which imap mailboxes should be synced in mail checks. a menu item provides a switch so that users can “sync on mail verification” or not.

mailbox drawer

Convenient access to all mailboxes from any mailbox window.

new toolbar icons

in eudora 6, update to the new icon appearance. or, if preferred, the option to keep the classic look is also provided.

fast and powerful search

search through thousands of messages in seconds, using multiple search criteria.

improved filters

thousands of combinations available to classify and organize the contents of your mailbox.

virus protection

eudora doesn’t allow anything to run from your mail unless you want it to, stopping viruses and Trojans in their tracks. eudora also warns users about opening emails with potentially dangerous content.

drag and drop attachments

drag attachments from an email to your desktop or from your desktop to an email.

formatting and styles

You can generate styled text (font, color, size, style, margins, etc.) from the text menu. you can also paste styled text. styles are preserved when included in replies and forwarded messages.

online spell check

eudora highlights misspelled words in your message. you can review, delete and add words to your dictionary.

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color tagging

Assign colors to classify your mail manually or automatically using filters.

customize your toolbar

arrange toolbar layout, add or remove function keys.

mail classification

sort the contents of a mailbox by clicking on a column header. you can choose to sort by sender, date, subject, label color, etc.


easy import from other common email clients.

kerberos v authentication

Single security login for site licensees.

eudora exchange protocol (eng)

Automatically sync and share files with family, friends, and co-workers. no need for a separate server or forwarding large attachments.

powerful address book

automatic lists of email addresses. enter custom fields and multiple nicknames. drag and drop nicknames onto the toolbar to quickly create new messages. built-in vcard support (vcard support is for mac only).

mood clock

informs you about the content of the call in incoming and outgoing emails.

email usage statistics

provides private, personal and interesting information about a user’s daily email activity and patterns.


compose, receive and send mail simultaneously. By checking and sending mail as a background operation, eudora allows you to work in other applications while your email is transferred.

name and address autocomplete

eudora automatically fills in the name of the recipient you are typing using information from your address book.

task progress window

monitor task activity progress when sending or checking mail.


You can create multiple names to send and receive emails from by setting personalities. As an example, you can use one personality (email address name) for friends and family and another personality for business correspondence.

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animated gif images

enable this function in sources & display settings to view animated gif images.


Internet Message Access Protocol allows you to access email stored on a remote server. with imap you can switch from computer to computer and still see the same eudora interface from multiple locations.

ldap directory services

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) allows you to search for contacts using ldap servers like whowhere.

user choice

choose paid, sponsored or light mode version of eudora.


secure socket layer support

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