Enabling and using imap to access your sou gmail account

These pages contain information about rehttl.com.vn/enrces that are available to you, and detail policies and procedures that you are expected to follow as a student at httl.com.vn/enthern Oregon University.

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Note: httl.com.vn/en has migrated away from My httl.com.vn/en. These services are currently available at httl.com.vn/en httl.com.vn/en. Updated documentation will be uploaded as it becomes available. Please contact Raider Student Services for assistance. Thanks for your patience!

httl.com.vn/en httl.com.vn/en

httl.com.vn/en httl.com.vn/en (http://httl.com.vn/en/)is your one-stop portal for accessing important student systems. If you have not already activated your network account, see these activation instructionsto obtain your network user name and password for logging into httl.com.vn/en httl.com.vn/en.

Besides providing links for campus communications andsocial networking opportunities, httl.com.vn/en httl.com.vn/en gives you access to:

SISWeb— to register for courses,pay your tuition, see your grades, request a transcript, etc.Gmail— to send and receive your studentemailMoodle— to accessyour online course materialsOwnCloud — to upload and download files to your personal (“P”) drive from any computer

httl.com.vn/en Email

You are responsible for information communicated to you through your httl.com.vn/en email account, so be sure to check it frequently.

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Your instructors will use your furnituremaisak.com email account for all course-related communication.When sending messages or replying to your instructor, be sure to follow any relevant instructions. Youinstructor may require that you send messages from your furnituremaisak.com student email account and/or that you include your name and course title in the subject line.

Student Services

Whether you are taking courses online or on campus, refurnituremaisak.comrces are available to help you succeed in your courses. Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance. This list of student refurnituremaisak.comrces will help you identify the best place to go for assistance.

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Academic Policies

The Office of Student Support and Intervention”s home page contains links to the Code of Student Conduct, grievance procedures, and other information important to you as an furnituremaisak.com student. You are expected to read and follow these policies and procedures.
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