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With Easter just around the corner, we know it can often be difficult to find the perfect Easter gift for your loved ones, especially your grandchildren. Although Easter wouldn’t be the same without Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies, there are plenty of other options for filling your grandkids’ Easter baskets this spring.

Our guide can help you find the perfect Easter gift that your grandkids will love this Easter time.

What do you give your grandchildren for Easter?

Easter is the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and spend quality time with your loved ones. With the first buds of summer, warmer days, wildlife and flowers, there’s no better time for your grandkids to introduce their interactive Susie doll to the great outdoors.

Watch your grandchildren learn and develop as they imitate mom, dad and grandparents with their very own doll pram or stroller that looks like the real thing. what better way to encourage all members of the family to interact with each other while having fun outdoors.

There are many Easter gift ideas that your grandchildren will love. Whether it’s Easter-themed toys or a fun Easter egg hunt, our list of great Easter gifts for grandchildren has you covered.

what can you give as a gift for Easter instead of chocolate?

Easter doesn’t have to be all about chocolate. Maybe you don’t want to contribute to your grandkids’ inevitable mountain of chocolate Easter eggs, or you’re just looking for an extra-special treat that your grandkids will play with all year long.

Whether you choose one of our little zipp dolls daisy chain cars or our interactive dolls, there are plenty of great gifts to choose from that will make your grandkids feel extra special this Easter season.

9 of the best Easter gifts for grandchildren

1 – create an easter egg hunt

This traditional easter game will have your grandkids buzzing with excitement as they search for hidden treasures. So why not create your own egg hunt for some family fun this Easter weekend?

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Easter egg hunts are easy to organize, but will keep little ones entertained for hours.

Whether it’s at your family’s home or outside for outdoor fun, there’s no better feeling than making memories with your loved ones. what better way to spend a spring afternoon?

choose what you want to hide. Chocolate eggs are a great choice as well as little toys or even clues or riddles to guide your grandkids to an exciting Easter prize at the end.

2 – a stuffed bunny

No Easter gift guide for grandchildren would be complete without stuffed animals. A stuffed Easter bunny is the perfect gift for babies and older children too.

If you’re looking for a gift your grandkids can play with all year long, an interactive doll would be a great option. Our interactive susie doll can be fed with her bottle, she can laugh, cry and talk, and will keep your grandkids entertained for hours on end.

3 – pots and plants for gardening

Easter is an excellent opportunity to teach your grandchildren how to nurture and love the plants and nature around them. with the opportunity to dirty the garden, your loved ones can not say no.

A great idea for toddlers and older kids alike, there are endless opportunities for gardening fun this Easter weekend.

and don’t let the April showers get in your way; there are plenty of planting activities to do indoors.

Whether creating an Easter garden, planting seeds and flowers, or decorating a pot, gardening with loved ones is a great way to create memories and have fun at the same time.

4 – garden toys

Children love outdoor toys. so why not add to your collection? the options are endless and guaranteed to bring some Easter cheer.

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Swings, trampolines, slides, and wading pools are always fun options for grandkids to enjoy.

Doll prams and strollers are other great options to brighten every young child’s day. our exclusive daisy chain collection has a great selection of doll prams and prams that are sure to keep your grandkids entertained this easter weekend.

Our doll prams have been designed with kids of all ages in mind, so you’re sure to find a product that will be the perfect Easter gift for your grandchild. If you’re not sure what gift to choose for your grandchildren, read our buying guide by age to determine which doll pram or stroller is right for you.

5 – personalized easter basket

Easter baskets are a great way for your grandchildren to keep all their Easter treats in one place. So why not create a personalized Easter basket for your grandkids to make this Easter extra special?

Or maybe sit down with the grandkids and help them create their own Easter basket to bring a little creativity into the family home this Easter? there are endless possibilities, so let your grandchildren spark their imaginations and start creating!

6 – fidget toys

Fidget toys are all the rage these days among kids. So why not buy an Easter gift that they will love and show off to all their friends?

Fidget toys are sensory products that can help your loved ones in a variety of ways, whether it’s relieving stress, helping with fine motor skills, or helping with concentration.

the variety of fidget toys is very wide and can vary according to the age of the child. But you are sure to find a fidget toy that your grandson will love this Easter time.

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7 – ingredients for baking

Baking is something kids never say no to. Whether you’re looking to spend quality time with loved ones this Easter or hoping to send a gift home, baking kits and equipment are a perfect choice.

Every family home needs a homemade poinsettia this spring, and there are plenty of great recipes your grandkids can follow.

Whether you opt to shop for ingredients, baking kits, or equipment, your grandkids will love cooking up some sweet Easter treats.

8 – easter themed coloring books

Coloring books are another fun option for your grandchildren, young and old, to enjoy. There are countless varieties of coloring books for your grandchildren, including Easter-themed coloring books to keep your loved ones entertained this spring.

Coloring is also a great way to spend quality time with your grandchildren, being creative in a calm and relaxing way.

9 – take them for a walk

Why not take your grandkids on a trip they won’t forget? Whether it’s to the beach, your favorite park, the zoo, or a steam train, your grandchildren will love spending time with their grandparents this Easter.

and maybe your grandchildren’s favorite toy could come along too? With our 4-in-1 chain car seat and highchair, your little one’s favorite doll can join in. a doll high chair that transforms into a doll car seat, what more could your grandchild want?

buy a dreamy easter gift for your grandson

If you need more inspiration for some great Easter gifts for your grandchildren, our doll prams make great gifts for all ages.

Even better, our fabulous doll pram accessories will get your little one ready for any adventure with her favorite doll, with options ranging from umbrellas to rain covers.

If you’re looking for things to do this Easter with your grandkids, check out our guide to fun things to do over the Easter holidays.

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