How Can I Stop Email Notifications From Discord? ? How To Stop Email Spam From Discord

Discord is a great way to communicate with your teammates while playing multiplayer games. Through text or audio notifications, you can exchange information with everyone in your group on the fly. However, there are times when Discord’s notification features do more to distract than help. As such, knowing how to turn off those pesky popups are a great help to regular Discord users.

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In the following article, we’ll show you how to disable Discord notifications for all the platforms that it’s available on, along with other useful Discord tips and tricks.

How to Disable Discord Notifications on Windows

If you’re using the Discord desktop app on Windows, you can disable the notification messages by doing one of the following:

Muting Server Notifications

If you wish to stop getting notifications from the entire Discord server you’re part of, here’s how it’s done:

Right-click on the name of a server that you want to mute. Server icons are on the menu on the left side of the Discord screen.

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How to Disable Discord Email Notifications

Discord will send your registered email messages alerting you of any specific DM’s that you may receive when you’re offline. While these are rather handy, they can also be a bit annoying, especially if you’re trying to reduce the number of emails that you have in your inbox. Luckily, these can also be turned off by doing the following:

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Open the email notification sent by Discord.On the email message itself find the turn off notifications link. These are located in the body of the message and at the bottom of the email.Once you confirm that you don’t want to receive email notifications, you will no longer do so.

Concentrating on Your Game

Discord does a lot for players that want to communicate with others in their team, but there are certain types of games where these are unnecessary. Knowing how to disable discord notifications ensures that you can concentrate more on your game when you want to.

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Do you know of other ways for you to disable discord notifications? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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