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Direct email marketing is an email marketing method where email campaigns are sent directly to potential customers. This marketing approach aims not only to sell goods and services, but also to improve relationships with your customers.

objectives of direct email marketing

  1. build relationships with your prospects;
  2. grab the attention of consumers;
  3. monitor the success of products with customers;
  4. track customer feedback;
  5. increase brand awareness and customer loyalty;
  6. optimize current email marketing strategies.

stages of direct email marketing

  1. build mailing lists.
  2. develop an email marketing strategy.
  3. create a special offer.
  4. sell products/services .

what is essential in direct email marketing?

sales success depends on your mailing lists. A high-quality product, an attractive offer, and a well-written ad is worthless if it’s sent to the wrong people.

segment the audience!

It is essential to correctly segment your mailing lists.

The mailing list is irrelevant if:

  • there are no suitable people. never buy mailing lists as the people on the list will not be interested in your products. only a few of them are likely to buy anything; in this case, your money was spent in vain. do your best to create a segmented mailing list, understand your customers.
  • you don’t have a clear idea about the people on your mailing list. the more you know about your prospects, the more likely you are to succeed.
  • doesn’t pay attention to details. for example, if you try to sell fur coats to vegetarians. is it relevant?
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pros of direct email marketing

  • you can build relationships with your prospects. if your targeting is relevant, people will need your products and services.
  • you can personalize emails, emails tailored to each recipient will increase email open rates.
  • You can estimate the results by checking email open rates, click-throughs, and conversions. these metrics allow you to optimize your work and improve it.

cons of direct email marketing

  • If your mailing list is not properly segmented, you will not get any results and you will have wasted your money.
  • People who are not interested in your products cannot just ignore your email , but even send it to your spam folder.

so make sure your emails don’t look like spam, don’t use: spam-like words, overly attractive offers, caps lock, exclamation marks or colored fonts.

Get creative while working on your subject line!

last update: 26.08.2022

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