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Below, we look at some of the advanced strategies you can use to effectively market your institution, gain more reach, and attract prospective students to join your school or university.

1. make use of a video mail

Direct mail campaigns are no longer limited to print, and we’ve reached that point where we’re sending video ads. Video banner ads are certainly a step into the future and although they are not yet widespread, they will surely gain ground in the near future. the university of notre dame has already successfully tested this strategy.

Although the campaign’s target audience was donors and not prospective students, the logic holds for both groups. here, the university used video mail to introduce donors to all that the university has to offer and its future potential, which can work just as well with their future students. it’s only a matter of time before video emails go mainstream.

Using a video mailer allows you to give a complete idea of ​​what your institution has to offer and also highlights your facilities to attract students and convince them to take the desired action. however, at this time, it is still an expensive marketing strategy and we do not have enough data to ensure the success of this strategy.

2. virtual reality coupling

Virtual reality has always intrigued us, and combining it with your direct mail to colleges and schools is sure to have the same effect on your target audience. asbury university has already successfully incorporated virtual reality technology into its direct mail campaign.

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all you have to do is include a vr paper box in the mail that the recipient can easily assemble and include a link or qr code to the vr compatible content. this method is much cheaper than using video mail and is also so intriguing to recipients that they are bound to check it out at least once.

3. using webkey

A web key is a usb device and can be programmed to direct a prospective student to the home page of a school/university website and even record the necessary information after connecting to a computer. A web key is very similar to a USB flash drive, but it is much cheaper and therefore ideal for direct mail campaigns. The intrigue factor also helps you increase the number of people who respond to your direct mails, although probably not as much as an Avr Box or a video mailer. furthermore, using a web key improves user convenience and provides easy access to your landing page/website.

4. use of fold-out pages

One of the effective methods to get the desired result in a direct mail campaign is to use fold-out pages. Exploding pages may look like a regular piece of mail, but as the name suggests, these pieces can explode or expand to reveal more information stored inside. they are ideal for direct mail campaigns because they stand out from regular mailings and fold flat, but double in size once opened. this makes them very profitable.

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In addition, the unique nature of its design rarely fails to capture the attention of prospective students, making it ideal for direct mailings to colleges and schools.

5. combine print and digital media

Combining print and digital media for your direct mail campaign is one of the easiest and most effective ways to execute your campaign. You can start by creating a minimalist brochure with a QR code that takes the user to a landing page with a detailed description or video content that conveys everything you want to prospective students. The advantage of using a mix of print and digital media is that you get the best of both worlds.

You can be sure that correspondence will reach the target audience thanks to postal mail, and then you can also get the flexibility of digital efforts and use digital content such as videos and presentations. In addition, you can also greatly reduce the use of materials used to send postal mail, since all you really need to print is the QR code.

6. the emerging cube

Pop-up cubes are a fun way to communicate with your prospective students, and no matter how old they are, they’ll have fun seeing that cube pop up when they open your direct mail. the fact that people enjoy opening popup buckets is enough to convince anyone to use this as a medium for their direct mail efforts. they are unique and stand out from the usual flat cards. popup cubes, however, may look a bit unprofessional to some.

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so it’s safer if you use it seasonally during the holidays, which also happens to be the perfect time to run campaigns for educational institutions.

7. the pop-up house

pop-up cards have a way of making us feel better by highlighting our childhood wonder. Just like the pop-up cubes mentioned above, pop-up houses are also a sure way to grab the attention of the people who receive them. The University of Georgia is one of the institutions that has used pop-up house cards and found them very effective in capturing the recipient’s attention. the pop-up house card is a fun thing to do and therefore should be used that way, so it’s probably not a good idea to use it out of context simply because it draws attention.

8. hidden panels extended

Hidden panels are another way to make your direct mail pieces more interesting. the basic principle behind using hidden panels is the same as popup cubes and popup houses, and that is to make them less bland. the hidden panel that moves in opposite directions can be revealed by pulling on a tab. this not only reveals more information, but also makes it fun to access, thereby creating a sense of excitement within the recipient. plus, they also have the advantage of not being so much fun that they can seem unprofessional, making them a safe and effective alternative to pop-up cards.

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