6 Best Real Estate Direct Mail Services

The best real estate direct mail services allow you to successfully reach your target audience with print materials such as postcards, brochures, and flyers. Plus, they let you customize the templates to fit your brand and provide overnight, overnight, or bulk shipping options to support your lead generation efforts. Based on our review of a dozen options, here are the six best direct mail companies for real estate professionals:

  • prospectsplus!: the best overall and top choice for real estate agents who want to dominate an agricultural area
  • night impressions: solid do – interface and do-it-yourself editing tools to design real estate ads
  • vistaprint: real estate direct mail services with the widest range of marketing materials
  • upprinting: the best daily direct mail (eddm) services for real estate agents
  • psprint: ideal for agents looking for real estate direct mail marketing materials that stand out with special finishes like die-cuts or metallic prints
  • modern postcard: great for large brokerages that need one-on-one support across multiple locations

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*prices are approximate; exact price depends on customizations such as size, design, paper type, finishes, and number of products purchased.

prospectsplus!: Overall Best Real Estate Direct Mail Services

prospectsplus! is one of the few direct mail marketing services exclusively for real estate professionals. is by far one of the best direct mail companies for real estate, with the widest variety of real estate-specific options, tools, strategies, and support.

mailing lists are available for purchase based on geography, demographics or lifestyle and all door direct mail (eddm) services are also offered. perspectivesplus! has hundreds of templates for everything from real estate marketing postcards, business cards, flyers, brochures, and door signs to niche campaigns for your sphere of influence (soi), real estate estate area, for sale by owner ( fsbo), expired listings, or absentee owners.

the market dominator of

prospectsplus! Constantly market your services using real estate banner ads in your farm area over the course of a year so you can dominate the competition. features you as the neighborhood expert with the latest market information and statistics every month. the market dominator program provides a higher return on investment and bypasses spam filters that can derail email marketing, giving your brand a unique presence in your farm area.


direct mail products offered by prospectsplus! They include postcards, door hangers, brochures, real estate flyers, newsletters, note cards, folders, business cards, mailing lists, gift cards, niche campaigns, and eddm. The wide range of over 650 topical real estate templates makes ProspectsPlus! Stand out from your direct mail competitors. Although nightly prints and psprint offer a small selection of real estate templates, they are not designed for specific real estate marketing strategies.

design tools

prospectsplus! uses a proprietary design service with a template-based editor. prompts are easy to follow with clickable boxes to add text or change photos, and the interface is similar to psprint. while it works fine, it feels a bit dated and clunky, so nightly prints might be a better choice if you want a simpler interface that’s easy to use.

perspectivesplus! reviews

prospectsplus! reviews reveal that the platform enjoys an excellent rating of 4.8 out of 5 from customers, who love how simple the process is to send highly targeted emails to potential customers. Thousands of users have happily commented that the wide selection of quality designs takes all the guesswork and confusion out of direct mailing, and that the customer support is extremely helpful when needed.

The very few reviews that had less than 5 stars commented that the price can go up quickly. if cost is your primary concern, upprinting, vistaprint, and psprint are more affordable options.

perspectivesplus! prices

  • postcards: 27 cents to $2.78 per piece, depending on quantity, size, postage and shipping
  • flyers: 30 cents to $3.59 per booklet, depending on quantity, size, postage and shipping
  • newsletters: 30 cents to $2.71 per piece, depending on quantity
  • >newsletter digital download: $19.95
  • brochures and magazines: 48 cents to $2.83 per brochure, depending on quantity, postage and shipping
  • dominator magazine: $1.54 to $2.61 per magazine, depending on quantity
  • business cards: $30 to $178, depending on quantity and size
  • door hangers: 27 cents to 63 cents per piece, depending on quantity
  • note cards: 76 cents to 92 cents each, depending on quantity, white blank mailing envelopes included
  • folders: $2.80 to $3.41 per folder, depending on number, age and size

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Night Impressions: The Best Editing Tools for DIY Direct Mail Marketing Design

overnight prints is a direct mail marketing company offering a range of products for various industries and events. They provide pre-made templates or allow you to upload a custom image to include in your printed materials. Its main differentiator is the intuitive editing interface that allows real estate agents to easily design and customize real estate marketing materials.

plus, you can explore the print editing tools overnight without registering or creating an account, so you can start seeing the possibilities right now. simply upload your designs or a template to the editor and start customizing your direct mail design. night prints are the clear solution for do-it-yourself real estate direct mail marketing.

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As with the other vendors on this list of the best real estate direct mail services, Overnight Prints offers real estate mailers such as postcards, flyers, brochures, and real estate mailers. however, night prints also offer more exclusive products that you can customize, including:

  • bookmarks
  • calendars
  • car door magnets
  • cookies
  • posters
  • advertising cards
  • stickers
  • t-shirts
  • address labels
  • self-inking stamps
  • canvas
  • tissue paper
  • gift paper

design tools

The online editor inside night prints was created for DIY designers, so it’s an extremely easy-to-use interface. Although click2mail, upprinting, and psprint also provide editing tools, nightly prints have the fastest load times and display editable items in the sidebar menu to avoid the need to constantly click around the layout or open new screens. is by far the most intuitive with options that streamline workflows like logo tweaks, redesigns, and consulting with graphic artists for additional assistance.

night impression reviews

There are over 114,000 overnight impression reviews online, and they maintain a solid average rating of 4.6 out of 5. Most users say that the quality of products is often better than they expected and The prices are extremely competitive. on the other hand, the main reason for the negative feedback was delivery problems and a lackluster customer service experience. by comparison, prospectsplus! reviews indicate that it is quick to remedy any and all negative user experiences with refunds or credits.

night print price

  • business cards: $3.32 to $18 for packs of 25 business cards, depending on style
  • postcards: a starting at $14.20 for 25, depending on quantity, quality and size
  • cards: starting at $5.63 for 10, depending on size, quantity and size style
  • booklets: starting at $15.95 for 25, depending on size, quantity and style
  • booklets: starting at $28.56 for 25, depending on size and quantity
  • door hangers: starting at 5 cents per hanger, depending on quantity and style
  • <li brochures: starting at $38.12 for 25, depending on size, quantity and style

  • magnets: starting at $22.57 for 25, based on size, quantity and style

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vistaprint – the widest range of real estate direct mail marketing materials

vistaprint is one of the nation’s largest direct mail companies. provides marketing materials, design services, and digital marketing services to a variety of industries. While VistaPrint is not a real estate-specific direct mail solution, it does provide a number of real estate templates for the widest range of print marketing products. this makes it a one stop shop for real estate agents who need to order a variety of printed materials.

Nightly Prints also allow customization of some exclusive products, but VistaPrint has a much broader range of products that real estate agents can customize for use in marketing and advertising campaigns. For example, you can include personalized gifts like mugs, pens or key chains with your logo along with client thank you notes and real estate gifts. Overall, VistaPrint is a go-to source for print materials of any kind due to its variety and easy editing and ordering process.


vistaprint can handle all of your real estate direct mail needs, from postcards, flyers, real estate brochures, door signs and booklets to even more targeted materials like open house invitation templates. Plus, there are plenty of other products you can customize, including:

  • car door magnets
  • car door decals
  • bookmarks
  • stickers
  • notebooks
  • mugs
  • personalized post-it notes
  • pens
  • can opener key ring
  • magnetic clips
  • paper coasters
  • stamps and ink

design tools

Like competitors like upprinting and psprint, vistaprint allows you to upload your own design or customize an existing real estate template. create proofs to share with colleagues or get approval, save your design for future use, and modify everything from images and graphics to text, colors, and finishes.

The editor is easy to use and intuitive, and includes guides to prevent you from cutting out important information, which is vital whether you’re creating a postcard or materials to include in a prospecting letter. Plus, you have the option to hire a VistaPrint designer for just $5 to adjust your template within 24 hours.

vistaprint reviews

Despite having hundreds of positive comments, general feedback on vistaprint is somewhat mixed. many customers were very impressed with the simplicity of the ordering process and the quality of their products, but vistaprint reviews show that others had a less than ideal experience.

Disgruntled customers made mistakes on their orders and were unable to resolve the issue through customer service. If you’d rather work with a company that specializes in real estate direct mail rather than serving all industries, check out ProspectsPlus! or modern postcard.

vistaprint prices

  • postcards: starting at $22.25 for 50, depending on size, quantity and style
  • flyers: starting at $8, 30 for 25, depending on size, quantity, and style
  • brochures: starting at $38.05 for 25, depending on size, quantity, and style
  • door hangers: starting at $38.55 for 50, depending on size, quantity and style
  • business cards: starting at $17 for 100 , according to size, quantity and style

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uprinting: best doorstep direct mail (eddm) services for real estate

uprinting is an online printing and marketing company that provides everyday direct mail, or eddm, and does all the printing and shipping for you. upprinting’s eddm service includes mailing to PO boxes and metered mail marks are printed on each mailing, so all you need to do is choose the neighborhoods you want to cover. this makes print the best for agents and brokers who want to use eddm to send real estate mailings to build their business.

Other real estate direct mail companies offer eddm for an additional cost, such as prospectsplus! and click2mail, but upprinting makes sending daily direct mail campaigns as simple and efficient as possible. there is a step-by-step ordering process that prevents mistakes.

uprinting offers real estate agents free mail templates with file setup and revisions to ensure correct printing, including all eddm markers such as zip codes or PO boxes. Download eddm-specific templates and edit in popular graphic design programs including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat, as well as Microsoft Publisher, or as a jpeg image.


uprinting provides the most common types of real estate advertising such as business cards, real estate newsletters, brochures, catalogs, magnets, and postcards. however, its eddm capabilities are really what sets it apart from the competition. eddm requires indicia to get through the postal system, and upprinting is uniquely configured to make room for those markers and prevent errors to ensure your direct mail marketing materials are delivered to hundreds of potential real estate clients.

design tools

uprinting offers a good editor for real estate agents who like a freehand design approach when creating real estate direct mail marketing campaigns. Unlike most other direct mail platforms, upprinting does not provide pre-made templates. Tools like Canva provide an easy solution for finding and editing pre-made real estate direct mail marketing templates, but if you can’t or don’t want to spend too much time designing, ProspectsPlus! or vistaprint are a better choice.

print reviews

Although most users are happy with direct mail services, reviews of hard copies are mixed. the advantages noted were largely in favor of prompt service and quality products. On the other hand, some customers said that shipping was more expensive than the competition, delivery dates were not on target, and customer service was unresponsive. If you’d rather choose a direct mail company with the highest reviews possible, check out prospectsplus!

upprint prices

  • brochures: starting at 34 cents each, depending on size, quantity and style
  • postcards: starting from 16 cents each, depending on size, quantity and style
  • door hooks: starting at 26 cents each, depending on size, quantity and style
  • ruffles: starting at 49 cents each, depending on size, quantity and style

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psprint: best for custom printing & finishing options

psprint is a printing and mailing company that offers custom printing options to help real estate agents impress buyers and sellers with unique envelopes. There are additional services to create banner ads that stand out from the crowd and attract luxury buyers. Real estate agents and brokers looking to stand out with specialized direct mail marketing materials will benefit the most from psprint.

psprint’s custom services include things like die-cuts for interesting shapes, foil stamping for style, high-impact designs, and ultra-postcards with a paperweight-heavy feel. psprint is the only real estate direct mail service that offers this option at a relatively affordable price.


psprint has simple template designs for marketing materials like postcards, flyers, door signs, and sales letters. but it stands out for its affordable add-ons that make your marketing pieces stand out in any mailbox, which is a must if you want to be successful in real estate. the extra-thick paperweight on your ultra postcards, custom dies to create creative shapes, and metallic foil stamping create interest and draw recipients’ attention to your direct mail campaigns.

design tools

psprint is the middle ground in the design interface category. While they do provide a limited number of real estate direct mail templates that you can automatically load into the editor, it’s not as intuitive as the nightly impressions editor. on the other hand, it’s not a totally blank canvas like what you get with copy. Another positive is that, like nightly printing, psprint is one of the few real estate mail companies that doesn’t require prior registration to access and use the layout editor.

psprint reviews

Based on over 75,000 psprint reviews and the extremely high rating of 4.7 out of 5, it’s clear that customers love psprint. Additionally, many customers commented on the fair prices, discount codes, and consistently accurate delivery times. the few negative reviews focused on the speed of the website and the difficulty in understanding the print preview. If you prefer to opt for a direct mail solution where you can preview your material before you send it, try VistaPrint.

psprint price

  • postcards: starting at 3 cents each, depending on size, quantity and style
  • brochures: starting from 8 cents each, depending on size, quantity and style
  • brochures: starting at 24 cents each, depending on size, quantity and style
  • newsletters: starting at 34 cents each, depending on size, quantity and style
  • business cards: starting at 3 cents each, depending on size, quantity and style

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Modern Postcard: The Best Direct Mail Services for Multi-Location Brokers

modern postcard is a marketing company that offers direct mail and digital marketing services. handles design, printing, and mailing for multi-location or multi-agent brokerage offices. therefore, it is ideal for brokers or agencies with a larger budget who need custom-priced real estate direct mail campaigns for multiple locations or multi-agent real estate offices.

While it may seem like any direct mail company could provide these services, the reality of coordinating real estate mail services for multiple locations is a daunting task. The modern postal service is uniquely positioned to meet this need and ensure that all shipments are delivered on time and accurately.

For brokers with a bigger budget and more complicated mailing needs, modern postcards are the perfect solution. Alternatively, Late Night Prints also offers an Employer Portal to facilitate the direct mail marketing needs of a multi-location broker or team.


Modern Postcards is not a self-designed or self-printed mail company. Although you can find the same products from other direct mail companies, such as brochures, real estate postcards, and booklets, modern postcards focus on a number of boutique marketing solutions.

Modern postcard services include designing, printing, and distributing print marketing materials to larger agencies and brokerages running campaigns across the country. Modern postcards aren’t designed for individual real estate agents, but if you want the option of delivering your real estate mail marketing, you may want to look into custom design services from PsPrint or Overnight Prints.

design tools

Modern postcards are not a DIY mailing platform and there are no design tools within the website. instead, there are designers and marketers on staff to create custom real estate direct mail marketing pieces for maximum impact. Plus, there are a host of resources and design guides that could be helpful to any real estate professional looking to improve their own banner ads.

modern postcard reviews

Clients praise the modern postcard for its creative approach to real estate direct mail campaigns and its attention to detail. On both trustpilot and yelp, reviewers were very pleased with the design, print, and customer support of this full-service agency.

There are no negative reviews in the last five years. however, the modern postcard is not designed for individual real estate agents. more profitable options like prospectsplus! and the copy may best suit your needs.

modern postcard prices

modern postcard is a custom solution for large real estate agents with custom needs, so prices are not published. for pricing details contact modern postcard directly.

modern postal visit

how we rate the best direct mail companies for real estate

marketing through real estate direct mail services helps agents and brokers connect with buyers and sellers, and can be sent to lists targeted to the type of client, as well as to specific cities, regions or neighborhoods . however, for direct mail campaigns to be valuable to agents, they must be affordable, reliable, and versatile.

according to our criteria, prospectsplus! is the best overall real estate direct mail service. is designed specifically for real estate professionals and therefore offers the widest variety of real estate niche marketing templates and options. Plus, it gives agents the ability to buy a mailing list or work with a professional to develop a direct mail strategy.

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These are the criteria used to determine the best real estate direct mail service:

  • price: real estate email campaigns should be affordable and effective. we look for solutions with a measurable tracking system to determine return on investment (roi) to help real estate agents measure results.
  • features: yes all direct mail were the same, you would not get answers. we looked for platforms that offered additional features like custom designs, tracking, volume discounts, and satisfaction guarantees.
  • Delivery: Direct mail absolutely must be delivered on time. we prefer platforms that offer overnight delivery, but the main thing is reliable delivery with tracking.
  • mail options: the ability to buy and send direct mail fast is extremely important, as well as the option for the company to send your mail directly to your contacts. Also, some agents need a mailing list for their direct mail campaigns, so we prefer platforms with eddm and options to build mailing lists.
  • customer support: Whether you need help uploading your mailing list or creating real estate direct mail postcards, customer service should be there to handle every question or concern. we looked for companies that offered support through various channels.
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