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manga debut: chapter 83: eliminate.

anime debut: episode 32: selection.

video games: death note: successor to l.

voice actors.

Japanese: Tomohiro Nishimura (西村朋紘, Nishimura Tomohiro).

English: drew Nelson.

Spanish: Miguel Angel Ruiz (Spain).

Portuguese: diogo ferreira.

French: bruno dubernat.

german: richard westerhause.

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matt (マット, matto) is Mello’s friend who helps him with Kira’s case. like mello and near, and before that, l, matt grew up at wammy’s house, the watari orphanage for gifted children in winchester, england.

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matt’s full look:

matt has brown hair and dark blue eyes. In the anime, she is seen wearing a red and black striped long-sleeved top, blue pants, brown boots, and white glasses with amber-tinted lenses. she wears black gloves that reach just below the elbow, and sometimes a cream-colored sleeveless vest with fur trim.

In Death Note: Successor to L, Matt has blue-gray hair but otherwise looks the same, although his eyes are never visible.

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matt is mello’s assistant and old friend who helps him with the kira case. he is very smart, known as the third smartest kid in wammy’s house and the third successor to l.

His specialty is technology, and Mello tasks him with monitoring the activities of Misa, Mogi, and Aizawa.

matt is shown to have a dry sense of humor and asks “since when are the japanese allowed to have such big guns?” while he was standing at gunpoint. he is confident and his arrogance in monitoring multiple computer screens at once is what leads him to make some mistakes.

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In the manga, matt’s stash is shown to be full of junk food and a box of cereal. matt smokes cigarettes and is seen even while he is driving. he enjoys and is often seen playing video games, and does not like to go out. takeshi obata described the concept of matt as a “young man who loves games and doesn’t care much about the world.”

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matt spies on mogi and aizawa:

matt is first seen in the manga as mello’s accomplice to spy on misa amane, and later, mogi and aizawa. matt follows misa and watches her shopping with mogi, then calls mello on her cell phone. Matt describes Misa as “cute” and states that her age appears to be somewhere between fourteen and twenty. Later, Matt calls Mello back after watching Mogi and Aizawa through the camera. She informs mello that the two have left a building and are having what appears to be a serious conversation. Matt makes another phone call to Mello after letting his guard down and losing track of Misa and Mogi, who used a delivery truck as a disguise to sneak out of the building. matt then follows mello to japan in search of her.

matt’s death in the manga:

She is seen again during Takada’s kidnapping, where she distracts his bodyguards with a smoke grenade, allowing mello to kidnap her. When he’s cornered, Matt tries to put up another smokescreen. he calmly surrenders, but is shot multiple times. after the ceasefire, when matt falls to the ground, the bodyguards claim that they never intended to bring him back alive due to his belief and loyalty to kira, claiming that matt would not have revealed anything about the kidnapping and stating that “death is the only way to pay for the crimes against kira.”

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while driving the truck in which he is holding takada hostage, mello sees the news of matt’s death on tv and apologizes as he never intended for him to die. Later, a television broadcast from NHN’s News7 reports that his identity is unknown and that Takada’s bodyguards were forced to shoot because he displayed dangerous and aggressive behavior.

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matt’s real name, mail, is pronounced like “mile” and not “mail”.

matt appears briefly in the death note one-shot special during the near flashback. She is seen at Wammy’s house listening to him talk to the kids.

matt is possibly left-handed, judging by the way he reaches for his gun with his left hand.

In the manga, his car is a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS, while in the anime it’s a 1968 Plymouth Road Runner 383 modified with the taillight panel from a 1969 Dodge Coronet 440. Others argue that the car is a 1970 chevrolet chevelle ss 454, but there is no significant evidence of either.

While matt’s official hair color is brown and his eye color is blue, fan art almost always shows him with red hair and green eyes. this is because he quickly became popular among the fandom as soon as he debuted in the manga, so fans already unofficially agreed on a color scheme for him long before his official hair and eye color was revealed in the anime. .

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While the letter matt uses to identify himself is never actually shown, fan art often shows his letter as a lowercase m to differentiate it from mello’s uppercase m, which also doesn’t appear in canon.

while matt is shown multiple times in the manga, due to the way the anime differentiates between focus and narrative, the only scene that depicts him in the anime is when he distracts kira’s guards so they mello kidnap takada this prevents fans who haven’t read the manga from properly connecting with and understanding it, calling it “the coolest 5 minutes of anime”.

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(to mello) “it’s too boring to keep watching something that doesn’t have movement anyway.”

(a mello, over mass) “then, why don’t we exchange our works? yours would be better since you can secretly listen to a cute girl.”

“Since when are the Japanese allowed to carry such large weapons?”

“How many bodyguards does a fucking woman need anyway?”

“you shall not shoot”


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