Video reveals moment Cash Gernon is snatched from his bed by Darriynn Brown   | Daily Mail Online

darriynn brown, 18, returned at dawn for cash gernon’s twin brother two hours after the four-year-old was dragged from the same bed and murdered: the suspect got scared and fled

  • 18-year-old darriynn brown was caught on surveillance camera returning to the same room from which he had robbed four-year-old cash gernon hours earlier
  • obtained exclusive footage showing brown hovering menacingly over carter gernon as he slept in the crib he shared with his twin brother cash around 7am. m.
  • but brown seems startled by a sound in the house and runs away, leaving carter asleep
  • about two hours earlier, before dawn, brown had been caught on camera sneaking into the bedroom, grabbing cash and escaping with it
  • the little boy was found stabbed to death just before 7 a.m., about a half-mile away in the 7500 block of saddleridge drive in dallas, texas
  • the dallas medical examiner revealed tuesday cash’s cause of death there were multiple stab wounds. police earlier said the boy had been stabbed with a ‘sharp weapon’. 45 am when he found the boy’s body, he initially thought it was a dog.
  • cash and carter gernon had been staying at a house in the 7500 block of florina parkway, under the care of monica sherrod, her biological father’s ex-girlfriend who reportedly disappeared in march
  • sherrod told she woke up to find money missing and was realized he had been kidnapped after checking home security cameras which ‘showed someone taking him out’
  • ‘he [brown] stares at it for a minute. I’ve seen it over and over again. I can’t see it anymore,’ she said, fighting back tears
  • sherrod revealed that brown was known in the family as the brother of his older children’s friend, but his motive because the kidnapping Fatal Unclear
  • Brown was arrested later Saturday and is charged with kidnapping and robbery. additional charges are expected to be filed once forensic evidence has been reviewed
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