¿Cómo crear un correo Gmail gratis de Google en 5 pasos? (2022)

the email is one of the most important means of communication for any online business, such as an ecommerce.

If you still do not have your own institutional email, you are missing the opportunity to establish intimate and direct contact with your clients (both potential and affiliates).

Throughout this article I am going to talk about how to create a google gmail account to start receiving/sending institutional mail 100% free.

take note, because today you are going to learn:

  1. what is google gmail?
  2. 6 advantages of using gmail to manage your business email
  3. what google apps/tools does it give you access the act of creating a gmail account?
  4. tutorial: the 5 steps to create a professional gmail account for your ecommerce
  5. what apps/tools does google give you access to the fact of creating an account in gmail?
  6. how to configure your corporate email account to manage it with gmail?

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what is google gmail?

gmail is considered one of the essential tools on the internet. is the email account management service owned by google.

but gmail, or more specifically creating your own gmail account, not only gives you access to an email account, but “is the key” to other tools available in the cloud and that are also owned by the famous search engine.

some of them are: youtube, google drive, google ads and all those apps and tools where you will be asked for your gmail account to access.

¿Qué es Gmail de Google?

It is today one of the most used email management platforms, and not by chance.

This email service can be found in more than 50 languages ​​and is compatible with the main browsers (google chrome, firefox, safari, among others).

when you create gmail you can access a free account with a maximum storage capacity of 15 gb.

this space will be shared with what the resources of applications like google photos or google drive will consume.

the gmail platform allows us to classify mail into various categories and also has a practical search engine that will allow us to find specific emails.

Ideal if you have a multitude of customers who have bought from you so far in your store, especially since you can categorize, segment and label them.

You can search by recipient, subject or by a specific keyword.

It’s one of the many reasons why gmail makes it easy to run an online store.

▶️ and if you don’t have it yet, now is the time!

6 advantages of using gmail to manage your business email

✅ it is very easy to use

gmail has been designed to be easy to use by any company or individual.

To use the tool it will not be necessary to start any complex configuration or installation process.

It allows you to view emails from anywhere in the world, as well as being perfectly compatible with Microsoft Outlook, as well as other email clients.

It has some innovative features, like sending emails even if you’re not connected to the internet at the time.

✅ you can send large files

combines with google drive, being able to attach large files effortlessly.

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Thanks to this tool you can share all types of files, regardless of your location.

In case the 15gb of free storage is a bit short, you can always expand it for very little money. If this is your case, check their higher capacity payment plans.

✅ full customization

gives you the ability to create personalized signatures to integrate into your emails, something essential to shape the corporate image of your company.

In addition, you can also have a custom interface. all those people who have a high creativity will be able to bring it out with this powerful tool.

✅ corporate image

in the professional version of gmail it is possible to create an email with the domain of your ecommerce; for example, we can be talking about an email type contacto@mystorename.com

This way, the users who receive your emails will not be able to know that you are sending them directly from google.

To do this, you must access your google workspace platform, where you can configure it step by step.

✅ automatic backups

gmail takes care of the management of automatic backups of your emails without you having to carry out any type of configuration.

Imagine you leave an email for whatever reason…

☝🏻 unlike what happens in other programs (they would probably be lost), here they will be stored directly in the drafts folder so that they can be retrieved whenever you need them.

✅ possibility to configure automatic replies

It also has many automatic response options that you can manage at any time.

we could apply them when we are on vacation, in a meeting, etc.

tutorial: the 5 steps to create a professional gmail account for your e-commerce

Now that you know what gmail is, it’s time to get to work and open a professional account for your business.

and if you already have a personal one, it is recommended that you create a professional gmail account different from your personal one, since that way we can send more serious emails (something essential to give a good image in an online store or in any other type of business).

here are all the steps you must follow to achieve it:

1) access gmail.com

The first step is to access gmail.com and click on create account.

The system will ask you to enter some information about yourself, such as:

  • your name and surnames
  • the username (this is the gmail account, preceded by “@gmail.com
  • password
  • date of birth
  • sex

Filling in all these fields will not take more than 3 minutes.

Google uses being prompted with a current phone number or email address. Most likely, it will send some type of code to either medium to verify that you are a real person and thus ensure that you are not a robot.

☝🏻 important: this is the steps to create a more relevant gmail email. pay close attention to the name of the mail and choose a really professional one, which cannot harm you.

as for the password, keep in mind that this code is the one that will protect the account, so don’t choose one that is easy to guess.

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It is best to combine capital letters with numbers and add some kind of symbol to complicate it even more.

and write it down somewhere safe!

2) verification of your account via sms

now google will verify that you are indeed a real person who is voluntarily creating a gmail account.

You must have your mobile close by, since it will send you a 6-digit code via SMS to the number you indicated in the previous step.

enter it in the field indicated as g-xxxxxx.

3) choose custom settings

The next step is to indicate if you want a more in-depth customization, or a simple configuration of your account.

here, if you wish and don’t want to get too complicated, I advise you to choose the first option “quick customization (1 step)“.

this way, you will create your gmail account faster.

then you’ll have time, if you want, to configure it in great detail.

4) splash screen

If all goes well, you will be presented with a welcome screen reminding you of the name you have chosen for your new gmail email.

At this point, you must click on “next” and Google will give you a “tour”, with a brief informative summary of its most important services/apps.

In the end, you only have to click on go to gmail so that the browser opens in the tab on the platform from which you are going to check the email from now on.

4) basic use of the gmail account

You already have the account ready and you are inside the platform.

Although it is true that its handling is very intuitive, we are going to analyze the most important functions:

  1. compose: ​​ is the button that we will press when you want to write your first email. it is in the corporate color scheme of google, so that it is easier to identify and it is located on the upper left of the web.
  2. received: this section includes those emails that they send to other people. in turn, this list is divided into 3 key sections: main (here are the most important emails), social (mails or notifications from social networks) or promotions (varied offers). the system will indicate that you have an unread email by marking it in bold.
  3. featured: next to the email we can find a star. when clicking on it we will see that it is marked as highlighted; that is, as important. it’s a good option for storing priority emails that we don’t want to lose for the world.
  4. sent: as the name suggests, here you can see all the emails you’ve already sent .
  5. drafts: This section will store those emails that have started to be created but that, for some reason, have been discarded. let’s say it’s the backups.
  6. more: in addition, this platform offers many more options, such as sections of spam (emails that the system will directly interpret as malicious); pappelera (a section in which to recover all the e-mails that we have deleted) or chat ( to talk to other users you have on your friends list).

5) regular access to your gmail account

once you have finished creating your corporate gmail email, you can access the platform through the following ways:

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✅ gmail.com: directly through the page using conventional browsers. the most versatile will always be google chrome, by its own affinity you will always have a direct access in this browser to access your professional gmail email.

✅ mobile app: gmail is available for both android and ios. and the application will not be missing or installed, since it will come installed in the s.o.

✅ mail managers: you can also use a mail manager such as outlook or thunderbird to manage mail.

what google apps/tools does creating a gmail account give you access to?

These are some of the most important tools you will have access to if you decide to take the plunge:

  • google docs: this is a specialized text processing tool, very similar to microsoft word.
  • spreadsheets: it is a tool similar to excel, specialized in spreadsheets.
  • google slides: helps us create very advanced presentations (it is similar to powerpoint).
  • google form: is designed to create surveys.
  • google drive: is an online storage service that gives us the option storage documents, as well as different digital files.

and in addition to these, you will basically have access to the entire google ecosystem. all of them, initially, are free.

then, some of them are specialized for specific business sectors, such as google adsense (advertising banners on your website); google ads (create paid advertising campaigns); google merchant center (for shopping campaigns) and a long etcetera that you can discover here.

learn how to create a winning marketing strategy

tips to configure your corporate email account to manage it with gmail

if you already have a corporate email, but after seeing this tutorial you have realized that gmail is easier to manage, we have the solution.

if you want to manage it with gmail, these are the steps you must take:

remember that for the account to work it must be previously configured both to send and receive emails.

1) access your gmail account

You already know how to do this initial step if you have read the previous tutorial.

2) click on the cogwheel

You will see it available at the top right and check see all settings.

3) click accounts and import

Look for the option to check email from other accounts and within the section click again on add email account.

Here we will write the address of our corporate email.

4) import emails from my other account (pop3)

turn on the option to import emails from my other account (pop3) and click next again.

in the next tab we will have to write all the configuration parameters of the account.

5) you have to configure the smtp featured server

Start by typing your name and email address. enter the rest of your server’s smtp settings. If all the data entered is correct, you will be able to send emails from gmail.

Now you know how to create an institutional email with gmail to use in your e-commerce.

This will improve your productivity as an entrepreneur so you can focus on what really matters in your business: sell more!

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