Como recuperar cuenta de gmail sin correo y sin número

Until recently, gmail allowed you to recover your password simply by answering a series of security questions. For some years now, Google has eliminated these security questions in favor of other more reliable identification factors such as the provision of a recovery phone number or a secondary recovery email.

But what if we haven’t set up any phone to verify our identity? What if we haven’t set any recovery mail either? So, if we forget our password or our gmail account is hacked, we’re going to have a real problem.

how to recover gmail password without phone number and recovery email

The severity of this problem resulted entirely from one thing: if we still have access to the gmail mailbox from another device we will be safe. otherwise things get much more difficult.

gmail account is the main google account on our android phone

Imagine you are trying to set up gmail and you don’t remember the login password. neither has he established any secondary email nor has he provided a recovery phone.

In short, you have not configured two-step verification and your gmail does not have any additional security layer, beyond the account access password.

  • open the browser and enter the google account recovery page.
  • enter your gmail email address and what you think is the password login.
  • if the password is not correct google will ask you to enter the last password you remember using with this account.
  • if the password is correct, google will ask you to enter the screen lock pin of your mobile phone. Beware, this method only works if we use this gmail account as the main account on our android phone.
  • once the pin is entered, our problem will be solved. from here google will simply ask us to change the password for a new one.
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remember that this new password also applies to other google services like youtube, google drive, google photos, etc.

method #2: with access to gmail from another device

If we do not have the gmail account configured as the main google account on our android phone, but we still have access to the gmail mailbox, either from the phone itself or from another device such as a pc or a tablet, we can recover the password in the following way:

  • open the browser and go to the google account recovery page.
  • enter the gmail address and when entering the password click on “ try another way”.
  • on the next screen click again on “try another way”.
  • this will load a new screen where we will click again on “try another way”.
  • once again, if a new window loads we will click on “try another way”.
  • this action will activate an automatic recovery system that gave us a link to change the password within 6 hours. You will receive this link in your gmail account, so make sure to check your mailbox in a few hours.

If you can’t find the email to change your password, don’t forget to check your spam folder.

can the gmail password be recovered if we do not meet any of the above requirements?

At this point, there is not much we can do in case we don’t have the gmail account set as the main account on an android phone, and we don’t have access to the mailbox to check the incoming mails.

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In the past, Google would not have asked security questions to verify our identity, but that method is no longer available. If your account has been stolen and your password has been changed along with the rest of the authentication methods, you will have lost access to your account forever.

currently google does not have any technical support tool that allows us to talk to a person to explain our problem (at least we have not found it). That is why it is vitally important to activate two-step verification and keep all aspects related to the security of our Google account up to date, since if necessary the consequences can be really unpleasant.

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